Wednesday, 8 January 2014

A Growing Collection

Hello! I'm thinking soon I'd be running out of titles to call my ever growing China Glaze collection. Any suggestions? Hahaha!! Today, I have not just three but four China Glaze nail polishes added to my stash. Around two months ago, China Glaze Malaysia had a promotion themed  "Changing For The Better" where we can trade in old bottles (of any brand!) for a new China Glaze nail polish at MYR25 per bottle (normal price: MYR42 - MYR46 approximately) and it doesn't stop there, if you purchased 3 bottles, you are entitled for a free dip. Neat eh? This is why I love CG Malaysia. They have such interesting promos like these ones unlike others.. And to my Malaysian readers, I urge you to follow their facebook page to be in touch of future promos! :) 

China Glaze Nail Polishes

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

It's Official! Hello, Year 2014!

Happy New Year all! Hope you are all having a fresh new start! I am sadden actually, I do not have a new year or new year's eve manicure to show :( I blame... Ideas Block but I also do lack the time to attempt any. Haha! Busy catching up and spending time with dear family members! Besides, I'm really enjoying seeing all the new year manis popping up and around the blogger-sphere as well as round up posts by other bloggers! 

Hmm, I do not have any round up posts but there's been only a few happening last year - a few, but much treasured! :) One in particular that I'd love to highlight is the fact that I crossed two nail polish off my wishlist! - that's HUGE to me! ♥ Hahaha!!