Monday, 30 December 2013

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Ahh Merry Christmas! I hope you're still in the mood for Christmas although I'm late five days (give or take) to wish you all here. I apologise as well for the long absence. Things unexpectedly took much longer time, one thing let to another and soon time was just slipping away! *gasp!* By the way, how was your Christmas?! I hope you had an awesome day! Mine was fantastic! While the whole day is not as desired, but I'm just so happy I manage to wear the kind of outfit/look I was going for! And that I didn't forget the small ones like, my watch! (it would feel like something's missing or less perfect if my wrist is without my watch :P). Haha! 

Anyway, it's really unfortunate I couldn't attempt the anticipated 12 Days of Christmas (2013 edition, lols). And though it feels rather overdued, I will be including a tutorial here that was promised at least a month ago. (Sorry!) 

Lacqueerisa: Christmas Skittlette

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Guest Post Feature: PlumeriaPainted

A very good morning to all of you lovely readers! It's the 3rd of the month again and I am very honoured to be able to feature yet another talented blogger, Gillian from PlumeriaPainted! I got to know of her blog through a mutual nail art competition  that both of us joined and I've been a happy fan of her work ever since! ;) Equipped with mainly dotting tool/toothpick, black/white nail art pens used alongside with the default brushes of nail polishes, she's your one of a kind, master of freehand technique! I find myself in awe with the designs she was able to come up with given the limited tools to work with. It definitely has become her style! This lovely morning, I am proud to present unto you, the one and only Gillian of PlumeriaPainted!

Hello there readers of Lacqueerisa!! I'm Gillian and I write a lil' blog called PlumeriaPainted where I do nail art and all that other nail business that we all know and love. When Lacqueerisa asked me to guest post, I was beyond ecstatic cause this blog is so fantastic, and of course afterwards many happy a dance was done (and I dance like a pro! :P).

Then came the matter of what to paint. My favourite designs on Lacqueerisa are the wonderful geometric ones, so I had to incorporate that. Then I decided to combine that with my favourite thing for nail art, FOOD!!! Sprinkle in a hint of Christmas theme (we're allowed to be excited for Christmas/Holidays, it's December!!) and I present to you...

PlumeriaPainted: Nacho Taco!

After much deliberation I chose to do nacho and taco nail design, playing on that lame nacho cheese joke (not yo cheese in case you don't get it :P) to give you a flavour of what I'm about. The concept was the contents of the taco were exploding out of it (but in a not macabre way) and the nachos got thrown in too. So it's quite chaotic but I really like it, as I always say - You can't say no to cute food (or just anything cute in general). I've eaten a taco precisely one time, and that one time and all the contents fell out the moment I bit into it, so that works with this design too but in a less cool way.

PlumeriaPainted: Nacho Taco!

I started with a yellow base and continued by adding all the condiments and ingredients. I freehanded some wavy lines for the sauce. For the salsa I got various reds and dabbed to give depth and the look like lumps (which I know sounds very appealing :/). I continued to freehand the various foods and added details like cute little kawaii faces (─‿‿─)

PlumeriaPainted: Nacho Taco!

Here I have a strange hand position to show how the sauce connects on all the nails and subsequently explodes.

Base: Ciate - Loop The Loop
Taco and Nachos: M&S - Maize with a base of Lovely Me:Ex - White and taco's cheeks are Essie - E-Nuff Is E-Nuff
Black details and white sparkle eyes: Lovely Me:Ex - Black and Barry M - Matt White
Tomato: OPI - Dutch Tulips
Lettuce: Illamasqua - Nomad
Salsa: Essie - E-Nuff Is E-Nuff, M&S - Poppy, w7 - Burnt Amber, Barry M - Raspberry and OPI - Jinx
Sour Cream and Chive: Barry M - Matt White and L'Oreal Color Riche - Confetti
I felt really clever about using black and white glitter for chives but then sad reality of my life is that I'm not a genius :P
Cheese and um shredded vegetables: Barry M - Sour Apple
I used bar glitter to give the impression of grated cheese but I don't own only yellow bar glitter so let's just say the blue is a shredded vegetable of some sort.

Thank  you so much for reading and thank you Lacqueerisa an enormous amount for letting me post here!! I hope everyone have a wonderful day!! ^_^

Haha!! Did you all enjoyed that? Cause I definitely did! I really just can't get over how adorable those nacho tacos are! My favourite is the thumb! Simply because it has an infectious smile and the cheek blush is soooo kawaii!! Hehe! :P But they are all just as lovely! Great job, Gillian on such a beautiful nail art! This nail art of hers, totally left me feeling fuzzy warm and all smiles! (btw you're much welcome Gillian, but really, thank you for doing this! ^_^ ) If you'd like to see more of her style, don't hesitate to hop on over and follow her blog! ;)

Monday, 11 November 2013

A Short Notice

This is yet another short notice to let you know there's going to be a short hiatus (two weeks, maybe? or more) in this blog. A few other things in life are needing my attention at the moment, thus swatching or nail art will just have to wait (though, I'm really aching to do some so badly now! I'm even thinking if I should just squeeze in a few..) But I'd have to be patient and get my priorities settled first. Then hopefully!! I'll be back with some Christmas inspired Nails! (And a delayed tutorial, so sorry!) I can't.... oh no no -- Actually I love waiting for Christmas! That's has always been best experience for me over the years!! It just gets more and more exciting as Christmas Day approaches nearer! 

See you around! ;)

Monday, 4 November 2013

(Belated) Deepavali Peacock Nails

Helllooooo Monday! Today I bring you a belated Deepavali Nail Art. It is inspired by Peacock feathers. Hahaha, though actually I had wanted to attempt a Saree inspired one. Unfortunately, I couldn't find one that I was happy with and since I haven't try peacock feather nails yet, why not? :) 

Lacqueerisa: Deepavali Peacock Nails

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Guest Post Feature: Miss.Love2807

Hello everyone! Today I am very proud to present unto you one of my favourite blogger of all time -- Anhy from miss.love2807! She never fails to impress me with the uniqueness of her nail arts and always served with the right dosage of Anhy-ness in them ;) Without further ado, I present to you Anhy:

Hello dear Lacqueerisa readers! 
My name is Anhy and I am honored to be the guest blogger today on Lacqueerisa.

"Once upon a time there was a little, six-year-old girl who got her first nail polishes from her mother as a birthday present..."

This is how I'd start my nail polish love story. Hihi ^.^
I'm a vietnamese girl in her twenties who lives in Germany and has passion for nail art, obviously. I named my blog Miss.Love2807 because the youngest sister in the anime "Cat's Eye" has the name Love and I thought it was cute. 2807 just represents my birthday. Together my blog name can also be translated as "the Miss who loves her life and is grateful for every day".  Even though I created my blog in 2009, it was only last year that I started to blog regularly and mostly focused on nail designs. lol.

Thursday, 31 October 2013

A Quirky Halloween

Hello everyone! It is Halloween! So how many of you are dressing up and going for parties? I'd love to dress as pirate (Jack Sparrow, maybe?) or go as Tim Burton's Mad Hatter, or some cool anime character or a made up character, someday.. someday.. Hahahaha!! Well, that's how I see Halloween as, dressing up fun thingy - but that's not what Halloween is, right? So feel free to educate me about what Halloween is and perhaps next year, I will be able to come up with a look that's more Halloween appropriate. 

I was almost going to skip this year's Halloween nail art due to lack of inspirations and with the increase rate of brutality and crimes, I didn't have the mood to do anything gory (not a fan of gory stuff to begin with). So instead of horror related, I wanted to just stick with something more fun. 

Lacqueerisa: A Quirky Halloween

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Bling-Bling Nails!

Hey everyone! I have wanted to showcase to you this nail art on Monday to be honest. However, after reading Anhy's post, I can't help but to be affected as well since I considered the both of us (and many of you, too) my close friends. 'Bling-Bling nails' just didn't seem right to be up here at that time. So I postponed till today to post this up.

The nail art is nothing too fancy, just a simple and direct depiction of 'Bling-Bling!' emphasizing the sparkly sparkles the polish brings! :) 

Lacqueerisa: Bling-Bling Nails!

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Swatch & Review: The Face Shop Part 2

Hey lovelies! Here is part 2 of The Face Shop Nail Polishes I wanted to show you :) Probably these three and the highlight of all 6 The Face Shop Polishes that I recently bought. ^.^ Hope you'll be loving what you see soon! Oh by the way, my sister just recently got back from Taiwan trip and she got me lots of wonderful souvenirs and gifts! :D I think I'll show you some of them, next week! If things goes as planned. Hahaha! 

Lacqueerisa: The Face Shop Nail Polishes
Bring on the glitters and shimmers!

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Swatch & Review: The Face Shop Part 1

Heellloooo!! I had plans to put up a whole big compilation of all 6 The Face Shop Nail Polishes that are kinda new in my stash. But well, I fear it might be too long a post. So, I am breaking them up into two parts. They are by no means shown in 'collections' series. I have no idea actually, cause I haven't been paying much attention to The Face Shop's Nail Polishes since the previous ones I have got gloopy pretty quick, not to forget it was streaky and difficult to work with. But I'm a curious person, I just needed check out nail polishes to see if I may find something I like. As expected of any nail polish addict, once we stepped into a store with nail polish we'd be loitering around there for hours (or minutes if the space is kinda small :P) just seeing if there's any colour we'd be interested in picking up. I tried on a few and... whoaaaaaaa whatttttt? Looks like their formula has improved! Their brush totally feels much softer compared to before and application process was fuss free! Not as pleasant as Etude House's Dear My Nails Collection but good enough. And there are quite some varieties to pick from! What a bonus!

The Face Shop Nail Polishes
The trios of Part 1! 

Friday, 18 October 2013

China Glaze Swatches & Review

Hey everyone ♥ So I've recently (not really, few months ago) added 3 more China Glaze into my collection. They are not new nor latest, hahahaha! They are pricey here, so I will always take a long time to consider /decide before buying any colours. Oh be warned! This is an unexpected lengthy post ;)

Lacqueerisa: China Glaze Nail Polishes
Ahem, presenting the latest trio!

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Well, well...

Good Morning everyone! Today's post is one I debated for awhile - the same one that I had somewhat hinted, few days back. I suppose if you're a blogger and you are reading this, you would agree that blogging isn't as easy as it seemed. Preparing a post could very well be time consuming - the planning process, the execution, preparing contents, the editing, yada... yada.. Basically, there's a lot that goes into the making of one single post just so that the content would be something worth reading (sorta).

So what happens when you received an email from another requesting you to guest post and you took the time and effort despite in busy situation, to meet with the scheduled time only to realised, he/she has probably changed his/her mind and no longer wants to post your stuff? I may seem like jumping into conclusions, it can't be helped, really. It's been almost 3 months since the scheduled date and up till now, there's no updates or whatsoever. Assuming he/she isn't interested anymore... why ask if you are not sincere about it? Hahahah! Besides, the scheduled date was set according to mutual agreement. So.. I don't know. But here's what I think, in my humble opinion, if one wishes to extend the date or has decided my content is not worth it anymore, is it not a common courtesy to notify me? Or are common courtesies so rare these days its not common anymore? (quoting my nephew, he has a valid point there hahaha!) Lols. I sincerely hope such people are not in a mindset of when time goes by things or situations will just fade away...slide away and slip away and far away...and disappears..... *poof!* o.O

Friday, 11 October 2013

Red-Eared Slider

Lovely day to you! :) *Ahem* I guess I would keep the unpleasant post out of this week. Since it's been a rather good week. Don't want to "spoil combo" by having a sudden not-so-nice post. LOLs! So, last Tuesday, I was on my way out when found this little fellow stranded in front of my gate. :O

Lacqueerisa: Red-Eared Slider

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Inspired by Crabtree & Evelyn

Beautiful Wednesday, yes? :) Today's nail art is inspired by Crabtree & Evelyn's beautiful packaging. If you've been reading the past few posts, you would have read that I had intentions to attempt nail arts inspired by them. This, however, was not the intended attempt. But Crabtree & Evelyn, Malaysia recently held this "Take a Picture" contest. Where participants have to take a photo of three single products in the most creative way. There will be 10 winners who get to win the 3 products they featured in their photo. 

Lacqueerisa: Inspired by Crabtree & Evelyn

Monday, 7 October 2013

Garden of Roses

Hey everyone! This post will be one specially dedicated to showcase my mother's nails! Haha! We had quite a wonderful weekend. She got her nails done and a quick feet spa! And I won a pair of earrings! Hahaha! I was super happy to find out I was the winner. Eh, but my ears' holes closed a long time ago and I was too lazy to pierce them again. Sooo, those earrings that I've won, will be going to my Mom :) 

Lacqueerisa: Garden of Roses

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Guest Post Feature: Lackaffen!

Happy Morning!! I am very happy to be able to feature my fellow friends of Lackaffen, whom you may recall, have given me the wonderful opportunity to guest post for them few weeks back. And nothing pleases me more than to have them here this morning! :) 

Dear readers of Lacqueerisa, 

We're so excited to present our very first guest post! Thank you so much Lacqueerisa for giving us this opportunity! ♥ 
We are five ladies from the German nail polish blog called, 'Lackaffen'. It's sort of a word play. 'Lackaffen' is actually an insult, meaning something like 'dumbass', haha. That's not what we consider ourselves of course! ;) 
If you translate it word by word it's (nail) polish (=Lack) and monkey (=Affe). We considered this a good name as we all love nail polish... and monkeys are cute and funny. 
So... enough talking now. Here are some designs we made for our guest entry today. Hope you enjoy!

And by the way: Sorry in advance for mistakes in our writing. English is not our native language, but we tried our best! 

A Quick Announcement!

Hey everyone! Aww man, I've been horribly absent. I do apologise. I have been busy, planning future stuffs for the blog. Nothing big, just small stuffs. One of it will be a monthly guest post, where I have selected some of my favourite bloggers to add a touch of their flavour into this blog! 

I have been very blessed to have met very talented bloggers, friendly, honest and from all over! Some of them whom I have quickly become close friends with! ;) Nothing to be enemies about when we're in the nail polish/nail art world, right? Hahaha!! Besides, their work are amazing! So it only made perfect sense to have this up, so I could share with you their awesomeness!

Yeap, as mentioned, it will be a monthly thing. I will be having Guest Posters here on the 3rd day of every month. So, why so specific? I hear some of you asking (either that, or my ear is itchy..). It was a random decision. Sort of like an impulse decision, but not really. I did think about it, over and over and..... *brainfried* - well, you get it. I just stick with the idea. Hahahha! :P 

Okay, that is all for this brief announcement! I'm actually very excited about this! Hehe, hope you'd be looking forward to it just as I am!  :D 

Stay tune! 

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Loving Lemons!

Hello everyone! :D 

As promised, here is the nail art inspired by Lemons! Also inspired by the polish itself! I kept it simple to match The Face Shop Lemon Candy Yogurt polish. This time, I went to google for a clearer image of lemons and see if there's any that could spark more ideas into the nail art. 

Lacqueerisa: Lemony Love!

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Etude House Banana & The Face Shop Lemon Candy Yogurt

Happy Sunday Morning all! :) What a really weird week. Felt like it was just yesterday I posted. Can't believe another Sunday has just arrived! Since it's Sunday, I have sunny colours to show you! ;) 

The Face Shop Lemon Candy Yogurt, Etude House Banana

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Porcelain Nails

Happy Sunday all! :D

Oh yeah! So glad to finally be here and posting! I had a swollen left eye (well, it's more like a double puffy eye) few days ago. It got a lot better yesterday and I proceed with doing a simple nail art so I could show something and hopefully it hasn't been too echo-ey here :P 

Lacqueerisa: Porcelain Nails

Monday, 2 September 2013


Hey! hey! :D Today I bring you a combination of retro colours, elements and geometric patterns. These nails were results of my random doodling one day while brainstorming nail arts. It was one of those doodles that were somewhat forgotten overtime. However, browsing through etsy led me to stumble upon this creation by Kirsty Eckard which reminded me of the forgotten doodle. The colours I used for this nail art were mostly if not all, inspired by the colours she used in the necklace creation. 

Lacqueerisa: Retrometric

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Dino-Birthday Nails!

Morning! :) 

Here's a nail art I did to celebrate my Brother's Birthday last Saturday. An error in communication caused his card snail mailed to him. Sorry, bro! ;) So I waited till he told me he's received it to show this to you. :) The nail art is inspired by a card I saw from Typo and I knew instantly that it was the perfect card for his birthday! True enough, he likes it! -- yay! :D 

Dino Birthday Card

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Guest Posting at Lackaffen!

Good Morning! (again! hahahahahha!! and good night to some X] ) 

Just thought I'd dropped by a little while to let you know I am guest posting over at Lackaffen today! Be sure to pop over and check it out! :D 

Here's a little preview of what you'd be expecting there: 

Lacqueerisa: All About Lines!

Many thanks yet again, to Ladies of Lackaffen for this wonderful opportunity to guest post for them today! And here's to wishing all of you a lovely Saturday! ♥

Etude House Tint Mint & Ultra Green Swatches

Happy Morning dear readers! I still can't seem to find the right balance between days when I should be swatching and days when I would love to share nail art ideas. I guess it's no surprise how the latter outweighs the former. Hehe!! But I'd try to share whenever I am in the mood of swatching. :P 

Lacqueerisa: Etude House Tint Mint

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Inspired by Dress Nails Tutorial

Good Morning Readers! It's been chilly morning here today, and I love it! Hahaha! Finally some cool days :) I hope it stays this way for at least a week! ;) 

Also, my sincerest apologies for the sudden short hiatus, I got a little too busy to get this post up for the past week. And I've managed to break my other thumb's nail this time. Nothing of major breakage, but just a little crack at the side. So nub it goes! Haha!! However, I did manage to take photos for the tutorial before the 'little accident' occur. :P 

Lacqueerisa: Inspired by Dress
A little re-cap of the nail art again before showing you the tutorial :) 

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Inspired by Dress

Good Morning! 

After a rather busy week, I've finally found the time to do my nails and to show you new nail art! :D This nail art is inspired by this dress I saw on Pinterest. Haha, but you know, how getting inspired is one thing, and being lazy to execute so much details is another thing. Hahahahha!!! So it's probably more accurate to state that this nail art is roughly based on the inspired dress/outfit. :)

Lacqueerisa: Inspired by Dress

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

For Non-Participants of piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2013: Voting is now OPEN!

Hey everyone! I just saw this post from Polished Criminails so I thought I'd pop by to let you know about it too! As mentioned in yesterday's post there are will be voting session, where all non-participants of piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2013 have a chance to vote for their favourite-st nail art creation! Please note, you can only vote once. And only 24 hours to vote!

piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2013: Pattern of Arrows by Lacqueerisa
piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2013: Pattern of Arrows by Lacqueerisa

I just want to take this chance also to thank you in advance if you have voted for me :) I truly appreciate it! ♥ Thank you!

Monday, 29 July 2013

piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2013!

Celebrating The Year of the Blogger

Hello everyone! I'm so excited today to be able to tell you that I've been given the wonderful and priceless opportunity to participate in piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2013!  Yayyy!! :D It's the first time I participate in something big! So I'm really excited! And I'm so so grateful and really thank God, Jules and Megs, the ambassadors of piCture pOlish for this rare chance! :)

This year's theme is "Year of the Blogger", which is all about the bloggers and celebrating what we do - nail art! Woohoo! Participants of this year's blog fest are required to create nail art featuring 3 of piCture pOlish nail polishes which are sent to us. I sure felt my creativity mind being pushed to it's limits! Still, I am glad and happy with the results, I hope you'd like them too! But before I show you the nail art, these are the details of the challenge: -

Monday, 22 July 2013

Illustrated Flowers

Hello! It's been a stressful week. But I had a splendid weekend! Got myself a few more China Glaze polishes - 3 to be exact. Hahahaha! Sales always makes one splurge :P

For a few days, I was having trouble deciding on which nail art to do. On one of my happy trips to the bathroom, I found my inspiration there. Hahaha! It never fails to amaze me where we find/get inspirations. 

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Swatch: Peripera OR406 & The Face Shop CMX324

Good Evening! Somehow I've not been feeling very inspired lately or there's too many I want to do that I ended up clueless on which nail art to do. Hahaha! Classic, eh? Well, no fear! When in doubt, swatches shall take over! Fortunately, I have tons of nail polish still awaiting me to swatch them for you. :P 

Lacqueerisa: Peripera (Rose Scent) OR406

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Splattery Fun!

Hello everyone! I do apologise for things being so quiet around here for the past week. I have been slacking busy. Just few weeks back, I saw this beautiful polish on Kerruticles and I thought I would never find one here! Hahaha! Well, fortunately for me The Face Shop's Lovely Me:ex Yogurt nails along with few more polishes has arrived in local stores! I'm still hesitating to get the Lemon Candy Yogurt and Apple Mint Yogurt but I know it's only a matter of time before I cave in. Haha!! I did buy two on impulse. However, I'm only showing you one first, since I'm really excited about this one! ;) 

Lacqueerisa: The Face Shop - 02 Vanilla Sugar Yogurt

Saturday, 29 June 2013

See That Red!

Hello! Here's to wishing you a beautiful start to a wonderful weekend! 

Well, I don't know about you but my eyes always falls on red and white combination. There's something about these two being together that proves to be a beautiful combination and contrast. Very eye-catching! From the moment I set eyes on this beautiful photo (second picture from the left) captured by Matt Clayton, I felt so inspired! I really wanted red doors on my nails! Hahaha!! As if those doors weren't enough to motivate me, I saw this amazing square frame nail art by the very talented Candice from Mr. Candiipants. That was it. The inspiration was literally screaming to be out! ;) 

Lacqueerisa: Bright Red Frames

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Rainbow Dots

Heyyysss! How was your day? I hope all's been well for you :) Catching on the rainbow trend, I have something simple for today's post. 

Lacqueerisa: Rainbow Dots

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Out of Frame

Hello! :) It finally rained yesterday and haze has cleared up quite a lot. Praise God for that! Today I'd be showing you a nail art I did last week and wore over the weekend. It is inspired by this photo. I love the setting of the photo as well as the colours and the atmosphere it gives - a little bit industrial and a little bit mysterious. 

Lacqueerisa: Out of Frame

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

1st Year Bloggiversary!

Hello Everyone! I almost missed my first year bloggiversary (actually I did. The blog went live on 21st June 2012..I kept thinking it was 29th...) Fortunately, today coincides with the date of my first post of NOTD. Anyway, as the month of June approached, I have been wondering what I should write or what I should post. It's rather unfortunate that until now, I still do not know for sure what I'd be talking about. I thought of maybe a 'then and now thingy' or could I talk about how 'far' I've come?

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Nail Stylure BE101

Hello! I wanted to post up new manicure today, but darn hot weather and haze has caused my mani to bubbled up. I thought I'd show it anyway, but.... nah. The bubbles totally ruins the manicure. Thankfully though, I've got this swatched up the other day. So while I redo my mani in faint hopes that it'd be better, here's something to fill up the blog. Hahaha! 

Some of you may know that I have been wanting to get OPI My Vampire is Buff or Zoya Jacqueline for I love me some nice yellowish off white polish as base for nail arts. But I'm not willing to pay the price. I thought I was, but every time when I see OPI's the price just...turns me off. And my little search in hope for dupes started. However, I wasn't looking for any brand dupes, specific ones with okay formulas. I was hoping Etude House would have some, but sadly, there weren't one. Ah, I thought of It's Skin brand as I've not tried their milk/creme formulas. I didn't have my hopes high though, knowing that every time when I'm on the look for certain shades, they always prove to be unavailable. Much to my delight, It's Skin BE101 came close enough. 

Lacqueerisa: Nail Stylure BE101

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Mod Squares

Delightful Afternoon to all of you here! Today's inspiration comes from this lovely picture which features very simple design elements yet so stylish. I wish I could have incorporated the thinner lines in the design but my black polish, brushes and hand isn't co-operating. So I have here a simpler design featuring only two colours.

Lacqueerisa: Mod Squares

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Little Poppies

Good afternoon to you! It's been a week since my last update (sorry!) but I have yet another inspiration found on etsy! This is the picture I was inspired by. I thought the poppies looks really lovely! 

Lacqueerisa: Little Poppies

I have been wanting to do a poppy inspired nail art but have always been procrastinating. With the help of the inspiration, I finally got it done. Haha!

Lacqueerisa: Little Poppies

This is a very simple nail art. I started off with two coats of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls as base. Using a striping brush, I drew the stems of the flowers. Then I proceed with dotting flowers and leaves with dotting tool. For the index, thumb and pinky, I used the brush from the black polish to do an irregular french tip - mimicking the look of the scarf. 
Lacqueerisa: Little Poppies

In general, I think poppy flowers are very beautiful. I love the name actually. Hahahaha! Very catchy indeed! Anyway, that is it for today. I hope you like them. And hopefully I'd be able to get at least another post up this week. Hahaha! 

Nail polishes used:
  • OPI - My Boyfriend Scales Walls
  • Naga 2 Way Art Pen (Black striper)
  • Revlon - Revlon Red
  • Revlon - Pretty In Papaya
  • Etude House - GR605
  • Etude House - Ultra Green
  • Holika Holika - Black
Tools used:
  • Dotting tool

Monday, 3 June 2013

Mix 'n Match 'Em!

Happy Monday everyone! As promised, here is the NOTD for today! It's inspired by this picture I saw from Etsy Finds. I love how they have staged their products and the beautiful mix of different elements in the photo which makes the photo absolutely arty and eye catching. 

Lacqueerisa: Mix 'n Match 'Em!

Saturday, 1 June 2013

One Bumble Bee

It's Saturday! Good Morning! 

I hope your weekend is starting great! Today's NOTD is inspired by this picture I saw on pinterest. I felt like doing something yellow inspired and stumbled on that picture on pinterest. I'm not too sure why, but there's something about the black dotted ribbon that captures my attention so. Hahaha! 

Lacqueerisa: One Bumble Bee

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

More Ice-Creams!

Hello! As much as I always seem to be complaining about Malaysia's hot hot hot weather, I'm super grateful for it too. Because, hey! It could have been worst :) And due to our hot and humid weather, one can never run out of reasons to dive for a good ice-cream treat! Recently I discovered Liquid Nitrogen Gas ice-creams while on a window shopping treat, and guess what? They are the best ice-creams I've ever tasted so far! The smooth texture is irresistible! So I've done two notd, (they are the same though..) inspired by ice-creams (not really). 

Lacqueerisa: Strawberry Ice-Cream Nails
Lacqueerisa: Strawberry Ice-Cream Nails

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Etude House Ice Cream Nail Polish

Heyyysss! You absolutely have to believe me when I say these have the best nail polish bottle shape ever! Haha!! Aesthetically though. I first saw/know about them when on Bethany's Blog - Beauty Junkie on a Budget specifically in this post and don't forget to check out her swatches here. Ever since then, I've been harassing all Etude House outlets that I frequent to on when only will these lovely products reach Malaysia. To be honest, I was quite put off when staffs has no idea what I was referring to. Shouldn't the staffs be more aware of what's coming? Or am I having a wrong presumption here? o.O

Anyway, on 1st April 2013 they finally launched Etude House Secret Recipe line here. Hahaha! I was ecstatic! Finally! But of course, being new and all they are normal priced - I'm reluctant to buy. As I know, they do frequently or at least once a while have attractive sales. I've decided to wait. Surprisingly, my wait wasn't as long as I thought. Soon they were having Buy 1 Free 1 sales! How awesome! These lovely Ice-Cream Nails are on sale too! I mean, seriously you almost never find a store that will extend such promotion to newly arrived products! Etude House, you're way too cool! I ♥ you!

Etude House Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nails

Monday, 20 May 2013

Circus Themed Hot Air Balloons

Hello to all of you! I'm in a very or rather joyous mood today since I do have nail art to share with you! I was browsing through etsy for inspirational food (as usual). Yeap, you read it right. Inspirational food. I am one of those who just can't go by a day without feeding my eyes with pretty pictures of creativity outbursts by all the creative minds out there. Hoho~! Back on track, I was saying look at this picture here. It is a Hot Air Balloon Kit Circus themed made by Claire Waring who resides in Sydney Australia! I loved the one with the blue dome so much I just have to have something similar on my nails! 

Lacqueerisa: Circus Themed Hot Air Balloon Inspired Nail Art

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The Five China Glaze I Owned

Hello fellow readers! I shall warn you ahead this is going to be a long post! ;) There's quite a lot I want to say, and there is no obligation in reading though. Hehe! 

Somewhere in March, I've actually made my first ever purchase of China Glaze polishes. It's quite crazy, as it didn't hit me they were my firsts until I was on my way home and feeling all excited about my very worthwhile buy. Then I got extra hyped! Lol!! 

I am uncertain how many of you would do this, but I've been loitering around China Glaze counters looking for possible colours that would interest me and checking out which collection they carry or don't. More often than not, I'd end up leaving that place empty handed, but still loiter about there again the next time I happened to pass by. And then, during my random yet frequent loitering in the month of March, I noticed a polish I've never noticed before (busy looking for blues all those times), Fairy Dust. Omgosh! So pretty!!! And it has scatter holo properties! What the heck, why I've never set eyes on this before! The salesgirl there was kind enough to assist and let me know it was priced about MYR 30.00. Apparently it was under best buys. I looked around a little more and decided to only get Fairy Dust, then she notified me that buying two, they give Pom Pom as a free gift. OH! Sounds good! I wasn't too sure what else to get, but I finally settled for Optical Illusion (also under best buys) which I do know it's from the Prismatic Collection last year. And to my lovely surprise, I was also given a free pouch! Neat!

China Glaze Nail Polish

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Tealicious Pinks

Hello! I have with me some love for teals and pinks today. I'm also submitting this for a nail art contest held by Marisa of Polished Obsession and Lakeisha of Refined & Polished with themes featuring colours of teals and pinks in simple nail arts. Not to forget the very exciting prizes which made it very irresistible to participate in hopes of winning them. Haha~ Well, I'm very sure there are tons of talented ladies participated already! I do regret the lateness in sharing with you such information. I've been busying myself with other matters in life but there are still two days left to join if you're interested. Please refer to their websites (here and here) for more information on how you may participate. Huge thank you to both, Marisa and Lakeisha for organising such wonderful contest! :) 

Tealicious Pinks

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Swatches: Sasatinnie Q754 & Sasatinnie Q750

Hello everyone! I have been trying to hold back and find time to swatch all of the recently purchased Sasatinnie polishes, but I'm way too eager to share these two first. I hate to admit, they were both impulse buys. *sigh* 

Sasatinnie Q754 swatched

So from the bottle, Sasatinnie Q754 is a beautiful shimmery fairy teal shade. Sheer teal base with lots of silver shimmers. It has that 'light' feeling to it. And I really love teals or greenish blues so... so this polish was quite irresistible. 

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Excited for Malaysia!

This is it my fellow Malaysians! The One Day we are anticipating and excited about! GE13 is finally here! I'm so excited that I can't sleep! Vote wisely everyone! I shall leave you with this awesome song! 

Every vote counts. Your Vote speaks VOLUME! 

I am Proudly A Malaysian! 
Happy Voting!

sorry fellow international friends, I do not have the english translation. but I hope you will be able to enjoy the vid all the same :)

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Abstract Thoughts

Heyyyyaasss! To all my Malaysian readers, are you ready to vote?! It's going to be my first time voting and I'm excited to play my part for the country! In conjunction with GE13, this will be my last manicure for this week and no more nail arts or colours until after voting sessions. So the blog might be quiet for awhile... :(

Back on topic, today is nothing but a random 'go with the flow' nail art idea. I was in the mood of doing a nail art, but also in a mood for a little fun and weirdness. Hence, the results are abstract thoughts that flowed onto the nails. :) 

Abstract Thoughts

Friday, 26 April 2013

Queen of Hearts

Good Afternoon! (do not like the sun. wish it rained the whole day. lol)

Remember the Nail Art Contest I told you about over at Nails by Kayla Shevonne? After a long while brainstorming on ideas to execute, I've finally came up with one that's inspired by Tim Burton's Queen of Hearts. I didn't take the everything into the nail art, mainly the corset and a little bit of the skirt, with of course, a few touches and additions of my own. 

"Queen of Hearts, Lacqueerisa"

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Spring Geometric Prints

Heyyyy! I'm really excited to share this nail art with you! It is inspired by a shirt that I have. The shirt has this wonderful cool tone pastel prints paired together with some saturated colours. I have been wanting to do a nail art inspired by it for sometime but never really gotten to do it, until yesterday! :)

Lacqueerisa: Spring Geometric Prints
Lacqueerisa: Spring Geometric Prints