Monday, 25 February 2013

Vivid Roses

Good Morning! It is Monday once again and hopefully none of you are feeling the Monday's Blues! Recently, (about a month ago) Chelsea from Get Nailed posted her beautifully done Dr. Martens Floral Inspired roses here which completely blew me away at how stunning it is. And few days ago she has posted a tutorial on how she did the roses here - I was blown away the second time. (lol). That did it. I needed to try/attempt another rose manicure! 

I had my first attempt at rose nail art here which I wasn't proud of. Everything was all over the place. I hadn't grasp the structure of rose well enough, plus, it was done using acrylics. So today, I'm happy to present to you, my successful rose nail art attempt using nail polishes which I'm satisfied with. 

Lacqueerisa: Vivid Roses

Friday, 22 February 2013

Black Friday - Broken

Hey there. Today is a rather heavy theme. For week 4 of Section 1 Back to basic contest, Joan from Tip Top South Africa has requested participants to wear black nails on all fingers except an accent for the ring finger. This is to create an awareness and to stand up against violence and rape done to women. There are so many victims already. We don't need more. Enough is enough.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Feeling A Little Under The Weather

...well, sort of. I think?

Hi everyone! No, I'm not sick or anything. This nail colour combination is inspired by a wristlet I've received for Christmas. I love it. At first I thought of incorporating the design on the wristlet onto my nails, but I changed my mind, kept the colours though. ;P And these colours, they inspired or somehow possessed the talent of affecting my mood turning it a little grey. A little soft whisper of sadness lingering somewhere. Haha. :)

Lacqueerisa: Under The Weather

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Dotted Bow and Graphic Squares

Hello and good afternoon! Sorry for the lack of updates, been rather busy with life for the past few days, so haven't really the time to blog or to paint my nails. But I do have two manis done up for Tip Top South Africa's nail art competition. You know, during the second week, I've realised I misunderstood the competition. It's going to be long one. Haha that's pretty challenging. I'm pretty sure everyone can still join in though missed out a few sections or themes. Perhaps I'd explain here. 

The competition goes like this, there will be Four Sections. And in each sections there will be Four Different Themes. One Theme per week. So currently its Section 1 - Back to basics, using only Black, White and Silver polish. We're at week 4 already. The theme for week 1 was French Chic Rock which you can see my attempt here. And I will be showing you week 2 and week 3 attempts in this post. Do note: This competition is opened internationally. South African participants are required to use only Tip Top South Africa nail polishes, whereas international participants may use any brands. Head over to Tip Top South Africa Facebook page for information regarding week 4.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Fiery Blue Heart

A very good morning to all of you! It is already Chinese New Year Eve!! I would like to take this chance to wish all my readers who are celebrating Chinese New Year this year a very Happy & Prosperous Chinese New Year!! And to those who are on your way home, drive safely! It's a pity I hadn't the time to execute CNY inspired manicures. Haha! I was too busy/distracted trying to create a manicure for a certain special day :) 

I have a wonderful news. About Four days ago, I've received an indie polish prize from a giveaway hosted by Charlotte from WellNails in celebration of her 300 Followers mark! - yay!! My first polish from Denmark! Plus, it is a newly made Limited Edition Valentine Shade! I'm sooo excited to be able to share this lovely polish with you!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The Numerous Liebster Awards!

Good Morning, everyone! I'm very, very grateful to have been nominated multiple times for Liebster Award by numerous awesome bloggers themselves! Since I've done this award before I didn't want to do it again, because it feels kinda a little repetitive. But I am VERY grateful for all of you lovelies who have nominated me. With that said, I'm dedicating this post specially to all of you ♥ 

Monday, 4 February 2013

A Walk With Purple Nature

Hello everyone! It's already February and seeing as February's birthstone is Amethyst, I was in the mood for purple manicure! Besides, I was really inpired by this pillow found on etsy. The colours caught my eye and I knew I wanted to do vector-like designs on my nails. I did them a day before going on a short vacation, it wasn't planned but they ended up matching with my outfit that very day. Haha!

Lacqueerisa: A Walk With Purple Nature