Tuesday, 28 May 2013

More Ice-Creams!

Hello! As much as I always seem to be complaining about Malaysia's hot hot hot weather, I'm super grateful for it too. Because, hey! It could have been worst :) And due to our hot and humid weather, one can never run out of reasons to dive for a good ice-cream treat! Recently I discovered Liquid Nitrogen Gas ice-creams while on a window shopping treat, and guess what? They are the best ice-creams I've ever tasted so far! The smooth texture is irresistible! So I've done two notd, (they are the same though..) inspired by ice-creams (not really). 

Lacqueerisa: Strawberry Ice-Cream Nails
Lacqueerisa: Strawberry Ice-Cream Nails

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Etude House Ice Cream Nail Polish

Heyyysss! You absolutely have to believe me when I say these have the best nail polish bottle shape ever! Haha!! Aesthetically though. I first saw/know about them when on Bethany's Blog - Beauty Junkie on a Budget specifically in this post and don't forget to check out her swatches here. Ever since then, I've been harassing all Etude House outlets that I frequent to on when only will these lovely products reach Malaysia. To be honest, I was quite put off when staffs has no idea what I was referring to. Shouldn't the staffs be more aware of what's coming? Or am I having a wrong presumption here? o.O

Anyway, on 1st April 2013 they finally launched Etude House Secret Recipe line here. Hahaha! I was ecstatic! Finally! But of course, being new and all they are normal priced - I'm reluctant to buy. As I know, they do frequently or at least once a while have attractive sales. I've decided to wait. Surprisingly, my wait wasn't as long as I thought. Soon they were having Buy 1 Free 1 sales! How awesome! These lovely Ice-Cream Nails are on sale too! I mean, seriously you almost never find a store that will extend such promotion to newly arrived products! Etude House, you're way too cool! I ♥ you!

Etude House Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nails

Monday, 20 May 2013

Circus Themed Hot Air Balloons

Hello to all of you! I'm in a very or rather joyous mood today since I do have nail art to share with you! I was browsing through etsy for inspirational food (as usual). Yeap, you read it right. Inspirational food. I am one of those who just can't go by a day without feeding my eyes with pretty pictures of creativity outbursts by all the creative minds out there. Hoho~! Back on track, I was saying look at this picture here. It is a Hot Air Balloon Kit Circus themed made by Claire Waring who resides in Sydney Australia! I loved the one with the blue dome so much I just have to have something similar on my nails! 

Lacqueerisa: Circus Themed Hot Air Balloon Inspired Nail Art

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The Five China Glaze I Owned

Hello fellow readers! I shall warn you ahead this is going to be a long post! ;) There's quite a lot I want to say, and there is no obligation in reading though. Hehe! 

Somewhere in March, I've actually made my first ever purchase of China Glaze polishes. It's quite crazy, as it didn't hit me they were my firsts until I was on my way home and feeling all excited about my very worthwhile buy. Then I got extra hyped! Lol!! 

I am uncertain how many of you would do this, but I've been loitering around China Glaze counters looking for possible colours that would interest me and checking out which collection they carry or don't. More often than not, I'd end up leaving that place empty handed, but still loiter about there again the next time I happened to pass by. And then, during my random yet frequent loitering in the month of March, I noticed a polish I've never noticed before (busy looking for blues all those times), Fairy Dust. Omgosh! So pretty!!! And it has scatter holo properties! What the heck, why I've never set eyes on this before! The salesgirl there was kind enough to assist and let me know it was priced about MYR 30.00. Apparently it was under best buys. I looked around a little more and decided to only get Fairy Dust, then she notified me that buying two, they give Pom Pom as a free gift. OH! Sounds good! I wasn't too sure what else to get, but I finally settled for Optical Illusion (also under best buys) which I do know it's from the Prismatic Collection last year. And to my lovely surprise, I was also given a free pouch! Neat!

China Glaze Nail Polish

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Tealicious Pinks

Hello! I have with me some love for teals and pinks today. I'm also submitting this for a nail art contest held by Marisa of Polished Obsession and Lakeisha of Refined & Polished with themes featuring colours of teals and pinks in simple nail arts. Not to forget the very exciting prizes which made it very irresistible to participate in hopes of winning them. Haha~ Well, I'm very sure there are tons of talented ladies participated already! I do regret the lateness in sharing with you such information. I've been busying myself with other matters in life but there are still two days left to join if you're interested. Please refer to their websites (here and here) for more information on how you may participate. Huge thank you to both, Marisa and Lakeisha for organising such wonderful contest! :) 

Tealicious Pinks

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Swatches: Sasatinnie Q754 & Sasatinnie Q750

Hello everyone! I have been trying to hold back and find time to swatch all of the recently purchased Sasatinnie polishes, but I'm way too eager to share these two first. I hate to admit, they were both impulse buys. *sigh* 

Sasatinnie Q754 swatched

So from the bottle, Sasatinnie Q754 is a beautiful shimmery fairy teal shade. Sheer teal base with lots of silver shimmers. It has that 'light' feeling to it. And I really love teals or greenish blues so... so this polish was quite irresistible. 

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Excited for Malaysia!

This is it my fellow Malaysians! The One Day we are anticipating and excited about! GE13 is finally here! I'm so excited that I can't sleep! Vote wisely everyone! I shall leave you with this awesome song! 

Every vote counts. Your Vote speaks VOLUME! 

I am Proudly A Malaysian! 
Happy Voting!

sorry fellow international friends, I do not have the english translation. but I hope you will be able to enjoy the vid all the same :)