Monday, 29 October 2012

Abstract Pebbles

Good Morning Everyone! Today's nails is a fulfillment of a previously promised attempt for another mustard & grey inspired nail art. I really love the combination of yellow/mustard with greys. I think they are just fabulous together! Aside from loving this palette, I've enjoyed looking at pebbles arranged in a framed of photo or picture showcasing a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. So today's nails, is pretty straight forward. I decided to do abstract pebbles. 

Lacqueerisa: Abstract Pebbles

Saturday, 27 October 2012

One of my favourite food!

it's Dinner time! And I'm definitely craving for some pumpkin goodness! Perhaps tomorrow? Heya All!! 

Its near Halloween and dear Pumpkins are EVERYWHERE! Hahahaha!! It's just weird how Malaysians seems to be celebrating everything! ;) So while I'm not one who celebrates Halloween, I'm sure one who celebrates the goodness of Pumpkins! Pumpkin soups, pumpkin dishes, steamed pumpkins....*drools* So my nails today are well, Pumpkin inspired! When one has an orange as fabulous as Mango Tango, there's no use resisting pumpkins on nails! (i'm overusing the word 'pumpkins' lols)

The nail designs are inspired by Robin Moses' Pumpkin Patch. I liked that she made use of the different shapes of pumpkins. Hehehe. And I got the idea of utilizing flakies as 'lights' from Vicky of The Nail Artiste. They are both such amazing talented artist! 

Lacqueerisa: Pumpkin Nails

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Tip Top Nails South Africa Swatches/Reviews

Heya all! I'd be showing you two very lovely colours from Tip Top Nails South Africa. And if things goes right, I should be able to post up NOTD tomorrow or the day after. If not, well you'd know I messed up somehow. Haha. Alright, on with the pictures!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Let Happiness Ring Part II!

Hello! I've promised to show you the goodies that I've receive from Tip Top Nails South Africa, and here they are!! The ladies at Tip Top Nails South Africa sure know how to spoil a lady! Look at how many goodies that came in!

Goodies from Tip Top Nails South Africa
Goodies from Tip Top Nails South Africa
Goodies from Tip Top Nails South Africa

There are two packages of nail treatments and a total of 5 nail colours to have fun with! I seriously can't thank them enough for their generosity! Although, I'm not too sure if I'm to expect another parcel or these are already inclusive of the 'Thank You Gift' for participating in 'Cupcakes For Kids With Cancer' because there are so many here already! Either way, I'm very grateful as these are more than I had ever expected to win! Ahh, I'm really feeling very blessed!! ♥ 

Oh, also Joan from Tip Top Nails South Africa has mentioned that their nail polishes will be available soon online for all who are interested! Keep a look out for the official announcement at their page

*These are all sincere words from my heart, just thought I should clarify.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Blues, Teals & Everything Nice!

Heya all! This nail look is inspired by The Swatchaholic in her post dedicated for Mary and her mom, Voola. Well, I do not know who Mary is, nor who Voola is but I do know the pain of loosing the people you love and have a soft spot for anyone who has lost their love ones before. With that said, I'm dedicating this to both of them too ♥ 

Blues, Teals & Everything Nice!
Blues, Teals & Everything Nice!
Blues, Teals & Everything Nice!

These were achieved by layerings of Blues, Teals & Everything Nice! (in order):

  • Elianto Sparkling Diva, Indigo Shine - 2 Coats
  • Essence, (38) Choose Me! - 1 Coat
  • Winmax Nail Sparks, 10 - 1 Coat
  • Essence, (04) Space Queen - 1 Coat

Monday, 22 October 2012

The All Different Spots

Hello fellow readers! How was your weekend? Hope you had a blast if not a relaxing one! I'd be sharing with you about different spots today. Sure, you might ask "err, aren't these all the same kind?" well, yes. But hey, look a little deeper. There's hardly any alike one another. Each one of them uniquely different. I'm sure most of us can relate to this. No matter how similar we are to each other, there's going to be something that makes us different. (I do give exceptions to identical twins). And this makes the world a better place - oh you know, there's variety so we won't get too bored with one another. 

Ahaha! nah,while that's true (somewhat) I don't intend on talking about heavy (seemingly heavy) topic. I like my blog to be light hearted and cheery. To tell you the truth, today's nails were something done out of randomness. I was wondering what to do on my nails and grabbed two bottles of polish which turns one had a big brush, the other a very narrow brush. Painted a good two coats of base colour and using the narrow brush to dot on the spots. Of course I did wonder if I should do a uniform one, and went "bah, why should these spots be so confined? There you go free movements for all of you! But in a certain confined space". I couldn't help it. I love them so much that I only want them to remain on my nails and within the closed walls of the nails.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Ohh, I do luv denim (2)

A very Chilly Day to you all :D I'm so glad today's a really chilly day. You can say I'm one who prefers chilly weather than hot ones - if you haven't guessed the reason, its because I get to yearn for Peppermint Hot Chocolate. Love that drink! Its just too bad drinks like this isn't so available around. Though I yearn them, I can't quite feed the craving. Let's just hope there's plenty when December comes :) 

To continue my love for denims, I have another denim nails to show. Can't put a good painted navy base to waste now, can I? ;P So for this Bleached Denim II look, I've used Saran/cling wrap technique.Topping off with a matte top coat (unfortunately, you can see brush drags there) I honestly hadn't quite notice the dragging until I viewed the pictures on computer. =/ 

Lacqueerisa: Bleached Denim Nails II
Lacqueerisa: Bleached Denim Nails II
Lacqueerisa: Bleached Denim Nails II
Lacqueerisa: Bleached Denim Nails II

So how do you think they turn out? I love the thumb the best. It was the first one done and the one with the best denim looking outcome. I dot on two antique silver on the denim to create buttons but... yeah you could see that they were too close together. I did like the effect achieve on the ring finger which  is why I decided to just let it be and improve on future tries. Well, at the very least, now I know what don't work. :) 

Nail polishes involved: 
  • Tip Top Nails South Africa - I luv denim (the dark navy shade)
  • OPI - My Boyfriend Scales Walls
  • Konad Special Nail Polish - Light Bronze
  • Etude House - Help My Finger Matte Top Coat

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Ohh, I do Luv Denim! ♥

Good morning all of you! Let's see a show of hands of all those who share the same love for denims! *raises both hands* lol. Okay, about a week ago another gift prize from Tip Top Nails South Africa arrived on my doorstep! And there's a lot of goodies in it - what a sweet surprise! I'd talk more about it in the coming days. This is going to be quite a long post... hahaha! 

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Let's Get Scribbling!

Good Morning Readers! It's been awhile since my last post. So, I've been blessed to receive more gifts from Tip Top Nails South Africa (Website here) (Facebook page here) and that's all thanks to God and their generosity! And to show my gratefulness, I'd be featuring nail art using their nail polishes for the coming days (hopefully I won't get ideas blockage! lol). Look forward to it! ;)

Today starts off with the three wonderful creme colours I've got from my first winning :D Oh the joy!! If you've missed it, I've swatches are here. I've been wanting to do this for quite some time but have yet to be able to come up with a design that's suitable then. And you know how idea blockage can be so frustrating! Somehow the thought of 'No ideas? Just get scribbling till something comes up!' sprung up in my head and that's exactly the idea I went with. 

Lacqueerisa : Let's Get Scribbling!
From top left to bottom right : Super Trooper, In The Navy, Red Rendezvous

Lacqueerisa : Let's Get Scribbling!
Lacqueerisa : Let's Get Scribbling!
Lacqueerisa : Let's Get Scribbling!
Lacqueerisa : Let's Get Scribbling!

I did kept to a certain rule set by myself when doing these, red to be always (from your view on screen) left side and the blue to be on the right. I find it fun to set a limit and see how we'd push it. I guess this is why many nail bloggers (including myself) had fun doing nail art challenges. ;)

And that's all for now. See you tomorrow! :P 

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Gradients On A Beautiful Cloudy Morning

Hello Readers! Sorry for the lack of updates. Was on a few days holiday and I've just finally found time to post this gradient nails I did on my short holiday. The colours are inspired by the colours of the outfit I put together--unfortunately, I didn't have much time to photograph, I didn't take any pictures of my outfit though (ah, pity). And on one of the days during my holiday, we went to the beach. Its been quite sometime since I last been to one. It was early and the weather was so good. Not too hot, not even cold. Just nice. And while I was busying myself photographing the beautiful scenery by the beach, I took the chance to photograph the gradient nails. 

NOTD - Cloudy Beach Gradient
NOTD - Cloudy Beach Gradient
NOTD - Cloudy Beach Gradient

Woops, miss a little bit of clean ups there. Hopefully, the excuse that these were done under low lighting is acceptable :P And here's a quick view of the beach :

Ahahah, I couldn't resist putting up a picture of the waves 'crawling' onto the shore. Such a cute sight! I really had a great time at the beach there. Played Frisbee for the first time! But of course, nothing like the real game. Just a simple beginner's sort of play. It was really simple, but fun! It was a really beautiful morning we were early, and had the beach all to ourselves! Nothing's better than having a whole huge space to run about freely X) 

And that concludes my post for today. Hope you readers have enjoy the simple gradient NOTD. Can't believe weekend is already here! Have a great weekend!

Nail polishes used : 
  • Etude House - BL501
  • Nails Topshop - Country Bumpkin
  • BeauKiss(BK) - #12 

Friday, 5 October 2012

Going Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness!

Hello everyone! October's the month for Breast Cancer Awareness and to show my support, I'd be showing you a simple NOTD. I really wanted to create something soft and subtle to portray the delicate beauty in ladies. I thought about the beautiful soft feather manicure I've been seeing around for the past few months but decided against that. And so I went with gradient borders. Cause I really like the idea of slightly coloured edges around the nails. 

NOTD - Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness
NOTD - Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness
NOTD - Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness
NOTD - Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

Yea, the colour changes are pretty subtle just the way I want it. Hopefully you are able to see it :P I do like how they turned out. Yeap, hope you'd like them as well. :) 

Tools : Nail art brush and make up sponge. 

Nail polishes from left : 

  • Elianto - Light Coffee
  • Elianto - Thistle
  • Revlon - Sheer Petal 
  • Skin Food Pedicure Sparkle - #01