Friday, 4 April 2014

Swatches & Review: Tip Top Nail Addict

Hey everyone! So I have finally finish swatching these and figured it was time to post them. Trying to cross out task in "to-do" list. Hehe! If you've been a long time reader here at this blog, you just might remember me mentioning of this South African nail polish brand, Tip Top Nails South Africa. Along the year, I've received a few more gifts from them but have yet to do proper swatching. One of my goals this year, is to get more swatching done. At least 70% of my stash, hahaha! Not sure how well that'd go. But there's hoping :P

Just a little bit more information on the company. They had two main ranges, Tip Top Nail Chic and Tip Top Nail Addict. However, Tip Top Nail Addict range will be discontinued as they want to focus on sales in the Tip Top Nail Chic line. One may still find some Tip Top Nail Addict range from Foschini Stores, but that's not certain. Not to worry, they will be releasing new lines and colours into their collections. So be sure to follow up their updates in their facebook page.

Tip Top Nail Addict Range