Wednesday, 1 January 2014

It's Official! Hello, Year 2014!

Happy New Year all! Hope you are all having a fresh new start! I am sadden actually, I do not have a new year or new year's eve manicure to show :( I blame... Ideas Block but I also do lack the time to attempt any. Haha! Busy catching up and spending time with dear family members! Besides, I'm really enjoying seeing all the new year manis popping up and around the blogger-sphere as well as round up posts by other bloggers! 

Hmm, I do not have any round up posts but there's been only a few happening last year - a few, but much treasured! :) One in particular that I'd love to highlight is the fact that I crossed two nail polish off my wishlist! - that's HUGE to me! ♥ Hahaha!!

Lacqueerisa: Cirque Colors

Ta-dah!! If you have been following my twitter and by chance have seen my little tweet about a much anticipated nail mail, well, there you have it! These are the two very lovely and ranked high on my wanted/needed list of nail polish! They are none other than Cirque Colors XX and Cirque Bejeweled.

Cirque Bejeweled

Lacqueerisa: Cirque Colors Bejeweled

Let's look at Cirque Colors Bejeweled. I have seen tons of reviews and raves about it. I love the sight of it but I was also still uncertain. I have seen many holographic nail polishes around the web, but at the same time I've also realised that some of the colours are just aren't as intense under sunlight with 'usual/normal' lighting (otherwise known as indirect lighting, I believe?) [side note: I'm really bad at lighting terms, so forgive me]. And though I've read bloggers who have mentioned that the colour is indeed vivid, I still hold on to my doubts and worries even prepared myself to be disappointed. You know, just in case... :P 

But lo and behold! I was blown away! The colour is simply intense and vivid! Not to forget, strong linear holos too! Take it from me, if you are a fan of blue colour and is in need or looking for a special-special blue to add in your stash, definitely consider this one! :) 

Lacqueerisa: Cirque Colors Bejeweled

Cirque Bejeweled is opaque and one could almost get away with one coat. Personally, I prefer doing two coats (out of habit) but I also recommend two coats since the colour comes out better that way. Ah, if you're worried about streaks, I don't remember seeing any (I swatched this almost two months ago..haha). Application wise, super easy and I love the subtle scent it has - lavender and clary sage, it's Annie Pham's signature scent in her creations.

Cirque XX

Lacqueerisa: Cirque Colors XX

Cirque XX, what a stunner! I loved it from first sight, when I saw the swatches and I love it all the more in person! Cirque XX is packed with multiple and wide variety of holographic glitters with clear base, making it a great topper to glam up nails and a much treasured collection in my stash. 

Lacqueerisa: Cirque Colors XX

Haha!! With such gorgeous mix, this definitely calls for close-up shot! Hopefully, this gives you a glimpse of the variety of glitters there are inside this bottle. Look at all the different shapes and colours and the holographic properties! *_* Pweettttyyy!!! Commonly seen layered over black as it yields some of the best results ever but because the theme colours I wore for Christmas is a little different, and I wanted to rock this polish while having a colour that matches my outfit more. 

Lacqueerisa: Sparkles of Christmas

I wore Cirque XX over Top Shop Mermaid and I am in love with this combination! What a perfect match and what's more? I love how Cirque XX looked like little jewels stuck onto my nails. They made my nails sparkles like crazy each time they catch the light. However, the formula is thick making it a little harder to work with. Its topcoat hungry too, so be sure to feed it enough for a smoother finish. :)

Lacqueerisa: Sparkles of Christmas

Although a simple gradient manicure for my nails on Christmas Day, I love this combo and I am actually so happy to wear it as it is. No need for nail art with Cirque XX on your nails! ;)

Alright, I'm ending my post today right here. It's been a happy/wacky/random and tiring day. Haha!! My brain is at its limit X) I hope you have enjoy reading and thank you so much for stopping by! :)

Happy New Year!!

*Piuu-Piuuu! Booom! Boom! Powww!*
(sorry, still a bit whacky :P)


  1. OMG OMG OMG!!!! I was waiting for this post ever s since I saw your tweet but I didn't expect something THIS gorgeous!!! *___* Love both of them <3
    Holo polishes are one of my favs so Behold is perfect in my opinion. And Cirque XX can make every polish look great, what a stunner.
    Btw I just recently showed Optical Illusion on my blog. Loved your swatches so much that I had to buy it hhihi And these ones...dang, I think I need them in my collection too >///<
    Wish you a wonderful year 2014 Lacquerissa and hope to see more of your beautiful nailarts! *hugs&kisses*

  2. Gillian from PlumeriaPainted2 January 2014 at 00:34

    Ahhhhhh those polishes are SO gorgeous!!! Great swatches, if as I wasn't admiring XX already, so so pretty!! Scoring out polishes on the wishlist may be the best thing ever, and I'm the same I love the round up posts and I'm a bit late on that front but I can't wait to do my favourite polishes. I hope you had a wonderful new year and have a even more wonderful polishing year!! :)

  3. Yun, The Polish Hideout7 January 2014 at 04:47

    Ah, it's always the greatest feeling to finally get polishes off of one's wishlist! ;) Congrats on that. Those two are absolutely stunning! I especially love the blue one... what an amazing shade and the holo is so pretty. :D

    ~ Yun

  4. I'm glad you love them! ^.^ Both of them sure do not disappoint. Worth every penny spent on them XD Oh, by the way the blue one is actually called Bejeweled :3 and I totally agree with you - so perfect! :D

    Thank you so much and here's to wish you and your family a splendid New Year as well! xx

  5. Hihi!! Yeaps, yeaps! I couldn't agree more as well! Love them so much! I'm so behind schedules and especially in reading your posts and a few others too. Hope to be able to catch up soon! Ah, I hope you have a blessed one too! :D

  6. Indeed it is! Hahahha! Thank you :3 Oh my, can't forget the excitement I had when I did it. Ah I love bejeweled so much too! Kudos to Annie Pham for such a successful creation. ;)


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