Thursday, 21 June 2012


I have been aching to share the nail polish love part of me to the world. And what better way to do it than blogging? Haha!!

So here's my LacquerLove story:

Well, it all begins back when I  was still a kid. I saw my cousins rocking the classic red nail polish and I was like "wahhh....I also want!!". Hahaha, but too bad, I wasn't allowed to wear then. In my early teens, I vividly remember picking up my first two nail polishes from Sinma. A sheer metallic duo chrome colours of lilac and blue and a sheer pearl white nail polish. Haha!! Love them. I even recall envying some of my friends who were allowed to venture into bolder colours like navy blue (my favourite!), dark purple and other colours. Hohoho, now that I'm older, I have finally gain the "freedom" to wear whatever colours I feel like wearing. My colours collection have since, grown. I now have shades of mint, peach pink, greens, blues, purples, grey, white, black and the list grows. Hahahaha!!

As much as I love wearing wonderful colours on my nails to brighten up my day, there is a limit to how much I am willing to spend on nail polishes. Thus, I am on a constant hunt for lovely colours at affordable prices with of course, reasonable quality. Its frustrating when a certain nail polish just don't go smoothly on the nails and it hurts the pocket to pay too much for good nail polishes. Nail polishes in Malaysia aren't as cheap as they seem. Please, don't go converting to other currencies and say its cheap. If you're living and earning in Malaysia, you'd know darn well how expensive a good bottle could cost. And knowing myself (perhaps others who feels the same as I do), I don't always wear the same colours. My nail polishes are barely even half. And because of such realization and other turn of events, I have decided to apply them as frequently as possible in hopes they don't get too wasted. Usually, I'd only apply when I'm really happy or when there's functions. But yes, having all these wonderful colours on my nails truly brightens up my day.

Alrights, I have no idea if I am still in topic or off topic, but I guess I'd stop here for now. No pictures of my nails yet, maybe when I've sorted things out and decide which picture to put or what I can share with all of you. =) So yes, till then, I'd be busy exploring around its my first time blogging and first post after all. Do bear with me while I try my best to get the hang of this. He he.



  1. Yay, welcome to the nail blogging world. Can't wait to see your pics! :)

    1. Hey!! Thanks for the warm welcome =D. Pics are up, not many but hopefully sufficient.

  2. I finally found another nail blogger from Malaysia! Yay!

    1. Heya! Are you a nail blogger too? If you are, leave me a link so I can follow :D So good to meet nail lovers from Malaysia! ♥


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