Sunday, 30 December 2012

O Holy Night, The Stars Are Brightly Shining!

Heya! For my 10th Christmas Nail look, I've actually done this much much earlier, but I was saving it till my bestie opens her present. Wouldn't want to ruin any surprises :) 

This look is really simple. It was originally an 'experiment' to see how the effect would be and I ended up falling in love with the combo and got another one for my dear dear friend. And they were so lovely together and reminded me of the song, O Holy Night. (I'm not saying my nails look holy, but they were real pretty) :P Haha!! But, before I show you the final look, I thought I'd show you just how beautiful the colour is on its own.

Lacqueerisa: Peripera P019
Lacqueerisa: Peripera P019
Lacqueerisa: Peripera P019

Peripera P019, so darn beautiful! I'm so glad I bought it. Just the kind of special blue I needed in my stash! It looks extremely similar with China Glaze Deviantly Daring, but much blue-er. I do not have it to show comparisons though. The brush is big and applies smoothly. Good to go at 1 coat, but I prefer two coats. 

So among my recent purchases were Essence Glisten Up! Its a milky blue-green polish (very sheer though) and with blue flakes and tiny silver hex glitters. I layered it over Peripera P019. And that's when the magic happened! 

Lacqueerisa: O Holy Night
Lacqueerisa: O Holy Night
Lacqueerisa: O Holy Night

What else can I say? Stunning! I couldn't stop staring at my nails after I layered them. And I had to include these in my Christmas Themed nails - too gorgeous to not be included. From the picture, you can tell the flakes are very subtle and glitters are really sparse, but I think they are just perfect that way. Hope you liked this combo as much as I do! 

See ya'all in a bit!  :)


  1. your bestie here sharing some <3 <3 <3! :)))))

    1. Haha!! Much love received! ;D ♥ ♥ ♥


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