Sunday, 30 December 2012

Oh, Yellows and Greens?

Morning! I'd  be posting up a 3 more posts later in the day, in order to complete my 12 Christmas Nail Series. Haha! I totally wasn't in time for before Christmas. Hmm, I should include time management in my New Year's Resolutions. =P

So here's another Chevron design (yes, kinda hooked to it) and this were inspired by what I wore on Christmas Day. I've been addicted to muddy yellow/dirty yellow colours ever since I saw it on OPI Germany Collection, Don't Talk Bach to me. Haha! So, since I've taken a liking in that colour, I couldn't help but got myself a cardigan of similar colour. I really liked it! It was rather hard thinking what tank top to go with it. I thought of orange/coral/red, but they didn't quite match up to the "dirtiness" of the knitted cardigan. How about teals? Too striking. I was panicky for a moment wondering if I should have gone for last minute shopping. I thought for awhile, which tank top I have that I've not worn? Ahh! A Christmas green tank top! Perfect combo! And a brown slack to match the tops. Since I really enjoyed what I wore on Christmas, I thought of putting them down on my nails. 

Lacqueerisa: Ornamented Christmas

I started off with two coats of Peripera OR406 and layered a coat of Essence Wall of Fame. With the assist of tapes, I've Chevron two coats of Etude House Ultra Green. Outlined the V using a nail art brush and Revlon Chocolate Truffle. To mimic a little of the textures on the knitted cardigan, I've used the dry brush technique on the yellows. Well, that's about it! - or so I thought. I wasn't satisfied with how they turn out. Needed more glitters. But I didn't want to use Etude House PBE 102 again. So I've cling wrap Skin Food Pedicure Series #10. And this was the result: 

Lacqueerisa: Ornamented Christmas (before)

Hmm, looks pretty good. But I can't help feeling it could be better. Besides, it still didn't ring much of Christmas theme to me. I start digging around me for inspirations and my eyes landed on a filigree ornament. Oh yes, why not? =P

Lacqueerisa: Ornamented Christmas

Haha! Now they're fit to be called Christmas Themed Nails. I've used toothpicks for the ornamented designs and the very same Skin Food Pedicure Series #10. Ahh, now they look Christmas Theme worthy. Lols!

Lacqueerisa: Ornamented Christmas

And that is all for this post. I hope you have enjoyed my little journey in creating this Christmas-sy look! This marks 9th of 12 Christmas Nails Series. 

See you all soon! 

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