Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The Numerous Liebster Awards!

Good Morning, everyone! I'm very, very grateful to have been nominated multiple times for Liebster Award by numerous awesome bloggers themselves! Since I've done this award before I didn't want to do it again, because it feels kinda a little repetitive. But I am VERY grateful for all of you lovelies who have nominated me. With that said, I'm dedicating this post specially to all of you ♥ 

Without further ado, here are the lists of bloggers who have nominated me for Liebster Award (in no particular order):

She's a very talented artist who I dare say specializes in crazy geometrical nail arts! Of course, there are a lot of other wonderfully and beautifully done manicure as well in her blog with crazy eye-catching colours! Absolutely mind blowing! I was blessed to have found her when she guest posted at cats-n-nails blog! 

A wonderful blogger with gorgeous nail arts! I've been enjoying her Nail Art Challenge posts as well as the Valentine's Day manicures! Super creative and you won't want to miss out!

A very bubbly fun blogger who does just as amazing fun, beautiful and lovely manicures! She's also the very blogger who has inspired my attempt in square nails manicure! 

She's rather new to the scene and definitely an upcoming nail art blogger! When you check out her blog, don't forget to check out her posts on Best of 2012! Loving those beautiful and cute ladybug manicure! Ha, and she totally rock those watermarbled nails! - one of the methods I've yet to have any success myself! 

Very down to earth blogger who shares thoroughly with her readers on her experiences with nail related products especially treatments! I think that's very essential for those who are seeking thorough information!

She has got tons of beautiful swatches of various nail polishes! Not to forget, very beautiful natural set of nails too! I am particularly in love with the nails she did in this post!

Her blog name says it all! I believe we met through Hellocotton, haha! I love the layout of her blog! I find it very comfortable to the eyes and easy to read! She reviews and walks you through her experiences with the beauty products. It's really a good read to all of you who loves make up and stuffs! Of course, not forgetting my favourite, Nails! (lol) She has really beautiful set of nails - I love them! She does amazing nail arts too with a wide variety of styles! 

I would also love to take this opportunity to introduce you all to a few new and upcoming blogs I've chanced upon and some of them who have found me, which led me to discover their awesomeness! ;)

If you are a fan of anything cute and beautiful, a fan of anime or manga alike do not hesitate to visit her blog! Some of her manicures are just so darn cute and adorable and such manicures will always have a special place in my heart! Haha, I'm a softie for cuteness! Besides, now that Valentine is around the corner, you'd be seeing so many more cute and loveliness to give you that wonderful warmth and fuzzy feeling in your heart!  Go! Be her 100th GFC follower! :D    

A hidden gem. Had she not participated in Kelsie's Nail Files nail art contest, I would not have found her. Her blog is full of really creative nail arts. Very inspiring too! So yeap, if you love seeing nail arts you would want to follow her blog! ;)

Also another blogger whom I've chanced upon in Kelsie's Nail Files nail art contest!. I am particularly in love with her skittle manicure she did for the contest. I thought it was really wonderfully done, considering her inspiration was a bedroom! Can't wait to see more exciting nail art from her! 

A blogger I met via Google +. In her blog you can expect to see beautiful manicures, and swatches and reviews of some very gorgeous nail polishes! I especially love her header! It features soooo many lovely blue polishes! Those are instant ♥! 

She found me first alright! I then found her on Kelsie's contest as well. And I love all the nail art I've been seeing on her blog! Especially her colour skittlette manicures! Sooo eye-catching! Definitely an upcoming blogger! 

And I've come to the end of my post. I hope you have found yourself a few new blogs to follow. Finally, thank you once again, to all of you who have generously nominated my humble blog for Liebster Award! 


  1. Wow! Talk about peer recognition)))

    1. Yes, I know what you mean! I'm so touched and shocked they all thought of me. Truly a wonderful experience!

  2. Replies
    1. You're much welcome! Your blog is fantastic! ♥

  3. Oh my goodness :O I am sitting here with my hand over my mouth (other hand typing :P) cause I am so thankful for you mentioning me!! Thank you so much for writing that about my blog, as your blog is great!!! And thanks for mentioning these other bloggers, I shall be checking them out :D

    1. Pleasures all mine! and thank you for your compliment too ;)

  4. Thank you for the mention. Such nice comments. ^_^

    Wow, you were nominated so many times. Haha. Must feel good, though~

    1. It is my pleasure! And you are all worth it! I was shocked! And I feel extremely blessed to have met all of you through blogging times! Nothing beats meeting wonderful people! ♥


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