Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Bubbles And A Turtle

Heyaass! I was going to post another floral mani today...but... Do you all know about Nailpolis? They have a few events organised and in each event members took part of, he/she gets a limited edition badge. Erm, if you play games... yeah.. it feels like playing games and earning titles, etc etc. Except, you won't receive a special power or additional stats when you get them :P (or maybe you do, who knows you might unlock new skills for trying out new mani ideas, hahahaha!) Don't get me wrong though. I like this idea. I think its such a fun concept and its one of the points that separates Nailpolis from other (nail) media platform. 

Bubbles and A Turtle

I'll get straight to the point. I want the turtle badge. XD I've been stalking their event list wondering if there are hints on when it'll commence. But only yesterday I received a notification stating that World Turtle Day contest is happening nowww! I was celebrating until I read..... on 23rd May 2014. (Did you hear it? My heart sunk with a thud for a bit there). Kind of a short notice eh? :( Or so I thought... there were submissions already! These talented people are sure fast!

Bubbles and A Turtle

Putting on my kiasu-ness (direct translate: scared to lose/not wanting to lose attitude), I pondered awhile if I should enter in my previous turtle mani. Hahaha! Truth is, I was very much tempted to. However, I really want to do something different and new if not for my sake, at least for Sparky's sake! Lol! So, I swapped hats and put on the thinking cap instead ;) 

Bubbles and A Turtle

Haha! This is no ordinary depiction of creatures under water with bubbles. To anyone who have Turtles as pet, you would know Turtles are funny creatures. Hahahaha! There hasn't been a time when she didn't make me laugh when I look at her. Well, they're also independent. Seen on my mani, is an activity I caught her doing when she got too bored in her tank. 

Bubbles and A Turtle

Yes, my dearest Sparky blows bubbles to entertain herself when she's bored. Hahahahaha! The first time I saw this happening I got a bit worried as I've read information about respiratory infections. I observe a little bit more and it was clear that she was just entertaining herself. I would share with you a video of Sparky but she stop doing it whenever she noticed I'm near. Aw... But I found a video that's pretty similar (Turtle Blowing Bubbles) psst, mine blows more bubbles XD  

Bubbles and A Turtle

All in all, I'm happy with the result. Painting a cartoon version of Sparky was indeed challenging. So, I'm glad I managed to achieve satisfactory result. I only did this on one hand though, if you're wondering. To achieve this result with my non-dominant hand would prove too time consuming. Hahaha! Anyway, this is rather simple design, I lacked varieties of rhinestone to decorate this nail art with. But then again, red-eared sliders are freshwater turtles. I can't exactly put jewels to decorate. In the end, I think keeping it simple was a better choice :)

Well then. I hope you all love this simple rendition of my funny turtle's self amusement activity :) I'll be back on Friday to show you one more from the vault. (This nail art is fresssssshhhh btw, just saying XD) Hahaha!

Nail polishes used for Turtle:

  • Cyber Colors -Cyber Snow
  • The Face Shop - OR207
  • Chi Chi - Bounce Him
  • Lioele - #24
  • The Face Shop - GR508
  • Etude House - Only Olive
  • Bandi - Mineral Green
Nail polishes used for Background:
  • Elianto - Turquoise
  • Revlon - Fashionista
  • Etude House Bling In The Sea - Mermaid's Tears
  • Essence - Glisten Up! 


  1. Wow this looks so so good! The turle looks amazingly detailed (and cute!) and the background colours are super pretty :) I also love that you used rhinestones for the bubbles!
    And then uhm this is going to sound stupid but I'm only just noticing now that you adapt your name(/logo) to the theme of your nail art! Super cool!

  2. Gillian from PlumeriaPainted21 May 2014 at 23:09

    This is absolutely brilliant!! This looks incredible, the detail and the shading on that turtle is amazing and it looks so great, the sparkle in the eye is so sweet!! The rhinestones are adorable and the base is fabulous, I <3 that gradient and the glitter!! You SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO deserve to win, you definitely win in my mind!! Like this design is amazing, I'm not over it!!
    Awk your turtle sounds adorable, I love her name. I wanted a turtle but my house is not a pet-loving place, I wanted to name it Lance from a lame Veggietales reference but my friends got a turtle and stole my naming idea!! I'm pretty sure their turtle died too :( ...Anyway not to dampen the mood, I am in love with your design and you did a beyond phenomenal job!! :D

  3. I'm happy to know that Sparky's doing well!!)) Funny video! And your design is really amazing! Such a cute turtle!!

  4. Wow, the turtle looks amazing! So detailed and also cute :D

  5. Haha, oh Robin! It doesn't sound stupid at all, rather quite a compliment. As I've always intended for the watermark to be in themed with the whole look, so they'll be in harmony with every elements of the picture. :)

    Thank you so much for all the compliments :D Oh my, I wanted to use glitters actually, but my glitters kinda failed me so the only rhinestones I have that have variety in sizes were the clear ones. Glad they all fell nicely in place ^.^

  6. Hahahaha, gosh Gillian!!! Thank you so much for your wonderful support ^.^ I am so glad to hear you love this design so much. It's one of my favourites! I didn't win though, BUT I did get the badge! Which was what I aimed for XD Hahahaha!! (so kinda like I won anyway) :D

    Oh but if you really want a turtle as pet, you'd have to do extensive research on it first before getting one. Because unlike what many people thinks, turtles are not easy to take care of. They are tough animals, but that doesn't mean humans should take that for granted and assumed "Turtles are easy". If you do lack space, I'd recommend checking Mud Turtle. It's a small one, so you wouldn't need such a large aquarium to make it happy. Hehe. Haha I just checked out the Veggietales, nahh turtles are far from slow. Fast creatures. If you ever take them out for a walk, be sure you don't keep your eye away from them lest you lose sight of it. Hehe.

  7. Haha! Funny creatures, aren't they? ^.^ Thank you! Makes me really happy to know you love the design too :)

  8. Awh, thank you! It was one of my most challenging attempts which is why I'm 10x happier to know you love it and it was well worth try ^__^ Thank you!

  9. Yun, The Polish Hideout2 June 2014 at 03:48

    Oh my gosh, this mani is so cute! Your turtle is adorable (and I love that it spans two nails). And adding the rhinestones as water bubbles is just a stroke of genius. Love this! :D

    ~ Yun

  10. Hahaha!! Thank you, thank you!! It had to, my nail plates are rather narrow ahahha! But with minimal background, something has to be the focus, eh? ;D Hmm, probably not quite a stroke of genius, I may have gotten the idea from one of Anhy's beautiful underwater scenes. She does such amazing sea-themed nail arts! :D


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