Monday, 22 December 2014

Almost White, A Christmas Nail Art!

Hey everyone! I do have a nail art to show you today. This is not too recent, but at least something new, for Christmas season this year. I hope I'll be able to find time to do more Christmas themed nail arts before the season's over. Or at least squeeze in one more on the eve? No promises though, cause I just came back from a hectic trip. No worries! I will update you with the nails done for the wedding ;)

Almost White

So the colour themed for this nail art was inspired by one of the Christmas Trees decoration in malls. I love the cool frosty looking/themed they had on the tree and decided to do a simple one on my nails. The simplicity of the nail art was inspired by Kerruticles's 2013 Christmas Traditions. I couldn't get Claire's creation out of my head since I saw it last year. I did pin her artwork into one of my pinterest board, and trust me.. It has some of the most re-pins! 

Almost White
Well, I was in a rush didn't have time to take proper pictures in my lightbox so I am providing you with what a little photos I took while in the car! Hahaha! 

Almost White
Almost White
Hehe, yeaps! I love this so much I did on both hands! Weird how sometimes, the non-dominant one seems to do a better job than the dominant one =/ Oh wells, not complaining! :) 

A little bonus! If you too love this nail art look, I have made a tutorial for you! A slight negative, this nail art has a weird name. But I don't know, I'm a little too lazy to squeeze any more brain juice. So bear with its weird name ;D 

Almost White Tutorial,

Almost White Christmas, Tutorial Step by Step Explanation:

Step 1 - Prep your nails with base coat, it will protect your nails with unnecessary staining (it protects some) 
Step 2 - Using a light cool grey polish, apply two thin coats on your nails. 
Step 3 - Use a pastel muted green polish and utilizing the dry brush technique, make random swipes over the grey colour. 
Step 4 - (Not a necessary step, skip it if you want) Using a pale sheer pink polish, make another 'round' of random swipes over both the grey and muted green colours. 
Step 5 - With a dirty green polish and a detailing nail art brush, draw two lines that seems to show "2:40" or "10:20" on the clock (depending on which hand you are doing*). These will be guide lines for the leaves. (*2:40 if you're drawing on the right hand, 10:20 if you're drawing on the left hand). 
Step 6 - Using the same dirty green polish and detailing brush, draw inward curves to mimic the shapes of holly leaves. :) 
Step 7 - Proceed to fill in the leaves. 
Step 8 - With a pastel pinkish purple polish and detailing brush, use the dry brush technique to create a rough 'filling' on the holly leaves. This will give the leaves a more interesting look. Be careful to leave a thin outline. 
Step 9 - Either use a dotting tool or if you are lazy like me, just use the same brush, make three dots with a deep berry pink polish. 
Step 10 - Now using both deep berry pink polish and pastel pinkish purple polish, add details to the three dots. You may use toothpick as a tool, I used the same detailing brush XD When you're done with Step 10, please allow drying time to avoid smears.
Step 11 - Choose your favourite sparse white glitter polish and add a layer over the designs for a snowie look. 
Step 12 - Always end your nail arts with a top coat to seal it all :) 

Please note: As always, always allow layers some drying time before moving on to next steps. This is so you will avoid "redos" (I dread those too, haha!). And avoid possible smears. Deep berry polishes are dark colours that I'm pretty sure somehow prone to smearing. So after Step 10, please allow drying time before proceeding to Step 11 :)  

And that's all I have to share today. If you don't have enough time to do on all nails, I'm pretty sure these are nice as accents too! You can like do on  ring finger & thumb combo or just ring finger then paired with pastel muted green topped with the same white glitter layer. Hehe ^_^

Hope you have enjoyed this post. See you soon -- in the next post, I hope? :P


  1. Claire Kerr - Kerruticles22 December 2014 at 19:51

    Wow, they're beautiful. Mine were easy-peasy stamped holly; yours are now going to be pinned to *my* inspiration board!!

  2. Hi Claire! Thank you very much! And it is thanks to yours that contributed in this nail art! Oh geez, don't say that! You have a good taste with your choice of colours and I love how you positioned them! :) Ahh, I'm so honoured you pinned this! How fun it is, to pin each others stuffs ^_^ Yet another reason to love blogging! ♥♥♥

  3. Sooooo wonderful!! Your nails look fantastic!! And you're right about non-dominant hand. Sometimes comparing both hands I think: "Why did I tried so hard with my dominant hand when the other still looks better although I painted it in 3 minutes" :))))

  4. Gillian from PlumeriaPainted23 December 2014 at 04:35

    So pretty, I love it!! Everything is perfect, the colours, the base, the glitter, the holly!! I'm interested in hearing about this wedding! I paint things better with my non dominant too, I think it's from learning from the mistakes of the dominant hand!! :)

  5. Those look beautiful!

  6. Hi Ana! Thank you so much! Glad you are loving this design ^_^ Haha!! I know right? Funny stuffs happens in the nail world! :)

  7. Hey Gillian! Thank you! Great to know you love this ^_^ Not sure when I can update about the wedding though, after Christmas -- most likely. Ooh! You could be right! That would perfectly explains this mysterious phenomenon! ;D

  8. I love these, so calm and pretty! The white glitter on top really makes it look snowy :)

  9. Thank you!! Really glad you think so :D And all thanks to the wonderful inspiration I got these from ^_^

  10. Hey Lucy! Thank you~ Glad to hear you love them ^_^ Hehe, yeahh that's was indeed what I wanted the white glitters would do ♥


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