Friday, 5 December 2014

Fizzy Cherries with Polishville

Hey everyone! It's clearly been awhile since my last post. I do apologize for being so sporadic in my postings this year. My sister is getting married (Woohoo!!) end of this year so I've been really busy whole year through! Hahaha!

Today, I have another post collaboration with Polishville. They have sent me three OPI minis from OPI Coca-Cola Collection. Haha!! They marked my first ever OPI Minis! Sooo adorable ^_^ !

LacqueerisaXPolishville OPI Coca-Cola Collection

OPI Get Cherried Away

OPI Get Cherried Away, LacqueerisaXPolishville
Inspired by Coca-Cola Cherry, OPI Get Cherried Away is a very beautiful berry-like purple creme polish. Well, if one compares this shade with an actual cherry shade one will find the colour a little less accurate. But I suppose the shade is inspired directly from Cherry Coke's packaging so I do find it accurately depicted. Ah, I am judging base on what I see online. I have not seen the Cherry Coke in person. As one who do like cherry to some extend, I am curious about the taste of this. Hehe.

OPI Get Cherried Away, LacqueerisaXPolishville
What a beautiful colour! I am definitely loving the look of in on my nails. An added bonus that I haven't a shade like this in my stash, so I was mighty glad to have received this. Vivid, rich and creamy, OPI Get Cherried Away does feel like a yummy polish somehow. Mmmm! :)

OPI Get Cherried Away, LacqueerisaXPolishville
As expected of any OPI, the application was smooth. It took me only two coats to for opacity. So yeah, nothing much to conclude other than the fact that this is a great colour, I even think its suitable for this time of the year. :)

OPI You're So Vain-illa

OPI You're So Vain-illa, LacqueerisaXPolishville
OPI You're So Vain-illa is inspired by none other than Vanilla Coke. Now, Vanilla Coke is one that I'm pretty sure I've seen before. Not too sure if I've tasted it before. But anyway, this is a gorgeous muted off-white shade that I think is one of the pretties in OPI Coca-Cola Collection. :)

OPI You're So Vain-illa, LacqueerisaXPolishville
Seeing how well it compliments my skin tone, its no wonder that I love shades like this. ^_^ Haha! Generally, I think most people will like this shade. Its very easy to wear and very easy to match. Not to forget, the wonderful nail arts one can do on it or use as a base for glitters.

OPI You're So Vain-illa, LacqueerisaXPolishville
On my nails are two easy coats. Application was smooth and hassle free :) So, if you are looking for an off-white to add into your collection, perhaps you might want to consider OPI You're So Vain-illa. And much like its' name suggests, you will find yourself staring at your nails admiring how beautiful this shade looks with your skin tone XD hahaha!

OPI Green On The Runway

OPI Green On The Runway, LacqueerisaXPolishville
A polish colour inspired by Sprite. OPI Green On The Runway is a duochrome polish. Shifts from green to reddish brown, it proves to be a gem in this collection! 

OPI Green On The Runway, LacqueerisaXPolishville
Another colour that I was really looking forward to get, just because I have always wanted a shifty-green and this one is mighty pretty! :D

OPI Green On The Runway, LacqueerisaXPolishville
I simply love the nails seems to change to a total different colour at different angles. Above, you can see that its almost as if this polish was brownish shimmer instead. What a stunner!

OPI Green On The Runway, LacqueerisaXPolishville
On my nails are two to three coats. Application was easy and smooth. And because I don't own many duochromes, I'll just go ahead and say if you don't have anything like this in your stash, this would make a great duochrome green to add to your collection! I think its great on its own as well as layered with glitters :)

All in all, I am actually pleasantly surprised to know that OPI Minis have long bristles, almost as long as the full bottle ones (probably just 1mm shorter). I faced no problem with the formulas, and the application process for all three of these were blissful :) My top two of this trio, is OPI You're So Vain-illa and OPI Green On The Runway (no surprise there, huh? ;) ). Which polishes from OPI Coca-Cola Collection captured your attention?

Fizzy Cherries Nail Art

Due to the fact that I have been away for quite awhile, I thought I'll make up to you with a longer post. So here's squeezing in a nail art I did together with a tutorial with the nail polishes I received from Polishville

Fizzy Cherries, LacqueerisaXPolishville
Fizzy Cherries, LacqueerisaXPolishville
The nail art were mostly inspired by the OPI Coca-Cola Collection itself. The dotticures imitates the fizzes of the carbonated drinks and the cherries inspired by.... well, cherries ;) Hehehe! 

Fizzy Cherries, LacqueerisaXPolishville
Although a very simple manicure, it wasn't boring for me. I really like how these three colours are able to match each other so well :)

And now for the tutorial! There are generally two parts, but for pinterest's sake I have merged them all into one.

Fizzy Cherries Tutorial, LacqueerisaXPolishville

Written text, Step by Step Explanation for Cherries:

Step 1 - Start with a base colour, OPI You're So Vain-illa. Using a detailing brush and OPI Green On The Runway, paint a slant curve. This will be your first stem.
Step 2 - Using the same brush and colour, paint your second stem slightly lower than the first.
Step 3 - Now use OPI Get Cherried Away with a detailing brush and paint two circles, one below each stems. Doesn't have to be perfect, just round enough. (ps: real cherries aren't in perfect circles anyway)
Step 4 - Fill in the circles with OPI Get Cherried Away.
Step 5 - Using a detailing brush and OPI Green On The Runway, paint two droopy leaves and touch up where needed. 

Step 6 - Seal your design with your favourite topcoat! (I used Seche Vite). 

Written text, Step by Step Explanation for Fizzies: 

Step 1 - Start with (any) base colour, I used OPI Green On The Runway. Next, use the sharp end of a toothpick and make three dots varying in sizes and spaces with OPI Get Cherried Away.
Step 2 - Make another set of three dots above the previous three. Continue adding three varying dots in ascending order to mimic the fizzies going up. You should get what seem like a column of varying zig-zag-like dots. 
Step 3 - Move on to make another column, until you've filled up the nail plate. 
Step 4 - When you're done, seal the design with your favourite topcoat! I used Seche Vite. 

Yeap, so this concludes my post for today. While I know these are nothing much after a 'mia' period, I hope you have enjoyed as well. And if any of my Malaysian readers are interested in making purchases from Polishville, and should you have a total of MYR100.00 and above, please remember to use my discount code, so you can enjoy 10% off your bill. The code is only valid till end of this month :) More details below: -

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  1. I've missed your posts! The polishes you've received are all very pretty, I can not choose just one favorite one. The nail art is super cute, you mixed and matched the colors perfectly. Will you make the nails of your sister for the weeding? :) I am curious of your nail art too for the event! I wish you all the best with the preparations!

  2. What cute nail art! Now I want to mix Cherry Coke and Vanilla Coke. Brb, store run! :X

  3. Margriet Sijperda7 December 2014 at 01:24

    Love the duochrome! And most the nail art!!! Amazing!

  4. Andrea!! Thank you so much! :') Glad to know I've been missed! Hehe ^~^ And thank you for the compliments again. Not sure if you did receive my email two months ago? Anyway, thanks for the support over at Tip Top's page! :) Ahh, the colours are great, aren't they? And an added bonus for me that they come in such cute and adorable bottles :3

    And yes! I'll be doing my sister's nails. Though, nothing too fancy on my part (might be even just plain colours --glittery at least!). I'll be focusing mainly on my sister's... Ah! But just to give you a warning, I really do suck at wedding themes. So... it might turn out fairly disappointing >.<

    Thanks for the wishes too ^_^ I hope all will end well as well ♥

  5. Ah Jeanatte!! Don't forget to grab my share~! ;D Thank you! Hahaha! Glad to know you like them ^_^ ♥

  6. I know! I simply love duochromes! And this one is stunning ♥.♥ Hehe, thank you very much for the compliment! Great to know you find it amazing, I'm all smiles! ^__^

  7. I didn't get your e-mail :( I am very sorry to hear the news about Tip Top nails :(


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