Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Mint Jeans Pocket

Hello all~ So I've finally got my pictures taken, edited and now, they are ready to be shown!! So today's NOTD is inspired by a really beautiful mint jeans shorts I saw on etsy. I was anxious actually, unsure if I could really carry out the idea that spring to my head when I saw the shorts. Its nothing too complicated though, just wanted to create pocket jeans look on my nails (which would somewhat be dashed border/framed nails?). And.... I'm satisfied with the results! Nah, I REALLY LOVE THIS! :D I think its great to wear this nail look on days when you want nail art on your nails but don't want them 'loud'. 

NOTD: Faded Mint Jeans Pocket Inspired
NOTD: Faded Mint Jeans Pocket Inspired
NOTD: Faded Mint Jeans Pocket Inspired
NOTD: Faded Mint Jeans Pocket Inspired
NOTD: Faded Mint Jeans Pocket Inspired

And here's a quick look at the inspiration (too bad its sold, it wasn't when I saw it about two days ago?) :
Neat eh? Image does not belong to me, click to go to etsy seller.

And here are the nail polishes used and the faithful toothpick :

17 - Chaperone
The Face Shop - GR501
Skin Food Nail Vita - BR609
Bloop - (name unknown) Its a shimmery white with subtle pink undertones.

By the way, is there any matte top coat that you know of that has a big brush? I find it hard to give a smooth application of matte top coat on my thumb's nail. =/


  1. Your inspiration is great, and I love the minty color!!!! :)

  2. Yay more etsy inspiration! Very pretty colours. LOVE those shorts, wish there was another pair still xD

    1. I love browsing etsy for inspirations as well as pinterest! Great stuffs floating around :D Yeah, I was kinda sad to see it sold too though, that's actually great. Cause just goes around proving its a really beautiful pair of shorts ;)


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