Thursday, 6 September 2012

"Summer" Favourites!

Hello all! First, let me explain why I highlighted Summer. Well, that's because Malaysia doesn't have Summer since its on the Equator (hehe). I've been privileged enough to be tagged by a very kind and sweet blogger from Colour at your fingertips! Thank you so much! 

A very brief explanation about Summer Favourites Tag, its a really quick way to summarize the summer as well as a fun way to share each other's blog. So, there will be two parts to this tag. First part being the questions section on favourite products used during the summer and the second part sharing blogs we've come across and have become our favourites! 

The 10 Questions : 

1) What has been your favourite glitter polish this summer?
Hmm, its probably Etude House PBK 801, but its not a summery sort of glitter polish. Its much more suitable for Fall/Halloween. Hahaha. 

2) Have you preferred to wear brights or pastels on your nails this summer?
A little bit of both, but if I have to choose one, I'd go with bright colours since pastels don't go too well with my skin tone. 

3) Have you discovered a new brand of nail varnish this summer?
Yes, Bandi Nail Polish and Tip Top Nails South Africa. They are both free of the harmful chemicals. Bandi's nail polishes tend to be rather sheer and Tip Top nail polishes are very pigmented. Both are awesome to use and fuss free :D 

4) What is your most disappointing product of the summer?
White nail polishes. The ones I usually use was The Face Shop's and Skin Food's white nail polishes and both are streaky and sure gave me a hard time that I frown every time I feel I needed to use white colours. Recently, I've purchased a new white nail polish, BeauKiss(BK) 02 which is no problem so far except that I do not like how it smells. LOL. 

5) What has been you favourite blog post of yours this summer?
The one I did on the last day of Makeup Savvy's nail challenge; Makeup Savvy Nail Challenge Day 15 - Anything!. I really do love how the galaxy nails turned out. 

6) What's your best nail bargain of the summer?
There were mega sales during the month of August. I manage to get two Etude House glitter polishes for the price of 1. I think that's a pretty good deal. :D 

7) Have you followed any new trends this summer?
Not sure if they can be considered new, my answer is definitely the new found love for gradient nails and galaxy prints! I'm pretty sure sandwich nails comes in next! 

8) Have you tried any new colours this summer that you never thought that you would?
Well, this "summer" no. Most of the colours I tried on were colours I knew I'd wear one way or another. But in the month of May I've actually worn a bright fuchsia colour (The Face Shop PP402) which I never thought I would.  

9) What has been your most worn combination of colours this summer?
Ah, I think its yellow, red, coral and teal. 

10) Will any of your summer polishes be following you through to the autumn?
Perhaps. Usually my colour choices varies and are mostly influenced by what mood I'm feeling or what colours are inspiring me to use them. So it really depends.

And for the second part of the tag, I am to share about blogs I've discovered during the summer be it a new blog or old, big or small with a few words on why I chose these blogs to share with you all. Without further ado, I'd proceed with my list (they are in no particular order): 

1. The Nail Artiste - One of the most creative, talented, wonderful upcoming blogger I've chanced upon! She has many tutorials available and they are all uniquely hand-drawn for all her fellow readers to read! I'm always looking forward to see her nail art designs. Do take some time and check her blog out I promise you won't regret! :D

2. Diamond in Rouge - An awesome blogger whom I've come to know through Makeup Savvy's Nail Challenge! She's very kind and ever ready to help! I know because I've asked her questions before and she has answered me with great details! Thank you again! Her blog is packed with various information from nails to beauty to fashion to food! (yum! keep the food rolling in! XD). Yes, you'd find her blog full of exciting adventures! So go on and stop by her blog :D 

3. The Daily Nail - A very popular nail blog I must say. She does really awesome and fun manicures I have to include hers here. Crazy talent she have there! And she has recently created video tutorials and they are clear and easy to follow and she's fun to listen to! Haha!! Her latest Blah Blah nails really amuses me.

4. Gold Speck Nails - This is a blog I found through Pinterest! She does crazily amazing stamping nail artworks! And they are always so creatively done and simply amazing! If you are a frequent stamper, this is a must visit blog! Even if you aren't, visit her! She's so inspiring! :D 

5. Gorgeois - Another must stop to visit blog. Her designs are always so unique and tedious and meticulously done and fresh and inspiring! Yeap, yeap, another talented nail artist there! Hop on over and be inspired! ;)

6. One Nail To Rule Them All - You know, if you're out of ideas, check this blog out! She's always posting wonderfully done nail arts and they are perfectly executed! I have fun looking at all the various nail art she's been doing for some time now. I must say I really adore the one she did inspired by Scrabble. Haha!! Yeap, don't forget to pop by and say hello to her! ;) 

7. Glitter Tips - I love her nail designs! Creative and talented I could not execute mine anywhere close to how perfect she did her's! An absolutely skillful nail artist! Go, go drop by her blog too! 

8. Jamegackie - New and upcoming blogger! Skillful and wonderfully executed nail designs! Some of my favourite designs from her is the Dewdrop leaf and whales design. There are wonderful tutorials available at her blog too so be sure to check those out ;)

9. Nail Art Couture - I chanced upon her blog on hellocotton and became an instant follower! Why? Look at those details and effort she puts into her nail designs! Stunning and breathtaking! Looking forward to more exciting nail art post from her :)

10. ChitChatNails - This is one blog I've really enjoyed reading for these past two months! A very friendly and down to earth blogger. There's a lot of great swatches and unique polishes being featured at her blog. Her tutorials are awesome too if you haven't check it out, please do! Her nail arts and techniques has been inspiring to me! :D 

And that's the summary of blogs I've enjoy reading and chanced upon the past two months. Hope you will find some of these blogs interesting too, if not all. Again, a special thanks to Colour at your fingertips for being such a darling and for granting me this chance to be able to participate in this wonderful tag. 

Also, I've noticed there's been an increase in the number of followers here in my blog, would like to take this chance to welcome all new followers and thank you to all who have been faithfully reading my blog. I really appreciate and love each and everyone of you. Seeing all of you brings me smiles :D Thank you! 



  1. I absolutely loved reading all your answers and I have discovered some amazing new blogs to follow! So nice to see my tag is being passed round :) xx

    1. Thank you! I enjoyed yours the same too! Glad you found some of them inspiring! ;)

  2. Thank you for your kind words <3 I'll be sure to check out all these other blogs!

    1. You're very welcome! And it's my pleasure. Hope you'll be able to find some you'd like! :)


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