Monday, 22 October 2012

The All Different Spots

Hello fellow readers! How was your weekend? Hope you had a blast if not a relaxing one! I'd be sharing with you about different spots today. Sure, you might ask "err, aren't these all the same kind?" well, yes. But hey, look a little deeper. There's hardly any alike one another. Each one of them uniquely different. I'm sure most of us can relate to this. No matter how similar we are to each other, there's going to be something that makes us different. (I do give exceptions to identical twins). And this makes the world a better place - oh you know, there's variety so we won't get too bored with one another. 

Ahaha! nah,while that's true (somewhat) I don't intend on talking about heavy (seemingly heavy) topic. I like my blog to be light hearted and cheery. To tell you the truth, today's nails were something done out of randomness. I was wondering what to do on my nails and grabbed two bottles of polish which turns one had a big brush, the other a very narrow brush. Painted a good two coats of base colour and using the narrow brush to dot on the spots. Of course I did wonder if I should do a uniform one, and went "bah, why should these spots be so confined? There you go free movements for all of you! But in a certain confined space". I couldn't help it. I love them so much that I only want them to remain on my nails and within the closed walls of the nails.

Lacqueerisa: The All Different Spots
Lacqueerisa: The All Different Spots
Lacqueerisa: The All Different Spots
Lacqueerisa: The All Different Spots
Lacqueerisa: The All Different Spots
Lacqueerisa: The All Different Spots

See what I meant about beauty in variations? So how you like my collection of spots? ;D I dare say that their beauty actually shines much more in matte.  Below is a shot of it glossy version.

Lacqueerisa: The All Different Spots (gloss)

And that my dear readers, sums up my short moment of randomness with nail polishes. Have you done a nail art out of random moments or spontaneity?

Nail Polishes used in order:
  • Lioele - 39
  • Revlon - Fashionista
  • Gloss Top Coat - Seche Vite
  • Etude House - Help My Finger Matte Top Coat.  

Side note: I'd only recommend this matte topcoat of Etude House. Other matte polishes from Etude House are not recommended. Its horrible and becomes glossy after a day or two =__= 


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