Monday, 1 April 2013

Born Pretty Store Review: 2 Way Nail Art Pen

Hello! I'm very pleased and honoured to be able to let you know today that I've received my first review request and I'm very excited about it!

Nicole from Born Pretty Store has kindly approached me to review two of their products. They are an online store which supplies lots of nail art products and most importantly, free shipping worldwide! I was allowed to choose any two item, which I have chosen a 2 Way Nail Art Pen and a Nail Art Pen. I will be doing separate posts for each product, for clarity purposes.

So I'd start with this New 2 Way Nail Art Dotting Paint Polish Pen Ball & Brush, by Enamel Art 1000. They have a wide array of colours you can choose from and for an affordable price of $3.55 each. It was a tough decision, but I went with #11, a creme milky green colour. 

Lacqueerisa: No.11 Enamel Art 1000

On the outside, it looks pretty much the same with a lot of other standard 2 Way Nail Art Brush Pen that are around. What about the inside then?  

Quick Brush Comparison

I must say, the length of the brush totally caught me off guard! I was kinda happy to see it shorter than those I normally see. Above picture, is a quick comparison of #11 Enamel Art 1000 and my Naga Nails 2 Way Nail Art Pen. In my opinion, there are better control with shorter length stripper brushes. Also, the brush in #11 Enamel Art 1000 is a little thicker compared to the black one. Which means, filling in colours is a lot more easier as it has a wider coverage.

Lacqueerisa: No.11 Enamel Art 1000

And here's the pen! Not very excited about this one though. Even on upright position the polish just keeps oozing out. I guess that alone says a lot about when I tried to use it while pointing downwards....

Lacqueerisa: No.11 Enamel Art 1000

Here's a quick nail art that incorporates filling area, and the most basic use of a stripper - stripping. I would have loved to include the dots with the pen, but as mentioned. The polish wouldn't stop flowing out making huge messes instead of the anticipated clean dots.

Lacqueerisa: No.11 Enamel Art 1000

What I like about this product: 
  • The shorter length brush, gives me better control 
  • Doesn't dry too fast, less stringy mess
  • The wideness of brush, makes filling in easier
  • Saves time, don't need to spend time cleaning the brush ;P
What I dislike about this product:
  • Strong odour - so make sure your room is well ventilated
  • The pen is useless since the polish literally keeps oozing out.
Here is a 10% discount coupon code that you can use when buy any nail art items from Born Pretty Store

*Items were provided by PR for my honest considerations. All opinions are non bias and are based on my own personal experiences.


  1. Great review! :) Sorry about the pen end of this thingy, but it's a nice color and the sriper brush can come in handy! ^^ You'll have a lot of fun with it!

    1. Thank you! Real pity about the pen. I love the colour too! I'm glad I picked up this colour. The brush sure does come in handy! I think I will try chevrons with this sometime! :)

  2. I love nail art pens, I do all of my characters nail arts with them. Haven't tried many brands though but the shorter brush is definitely a huge plus here!

    1. I love them too but been having a hard time finding an ideal one. I'm glad for the opportunity to try new ones from BornPrettyStore, and to share the experience with you ladies! I'm glad you think the same about the brush length as well :D


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