Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Spring Geometric Prints

Heyyyy! I'm really excited to share this nail art with you! It is inspired by a shirt that I have. The shirt has this wonderful cool tone pastel prints paired together with some saturated colours. I have been wanting to do a nail art inspired by it for sometime but never really gotten to do it, until yesterday! :)

Lacqueerisa: Spring Geometric Prints
Lacqueerisa: Spring Geometric Prints

Ta-dah! Hahaha, they are not an exact interpretation but I took bits and few other elements and tweak them to my own liking. Definitely in love with the colour scheme! There are a lot of colours that went in it. Though it looks complicated, it really isn't. 

Lacqueerisa: Spring Geometric Prints
Lacqueerisa: Spring Geometric Prints

I honestly believe that the 'secret ingredient' here is the addition (lol, I kept spelling this word as addiction...) of the blush pink in the whole colour scheme. Take out the pink, it wouldn't be as interesting as it is now, huh? What do you think? 

Lacqueerisa: Spring Geometric Prints
Lacqueerisa: Spring Geometric Prints

I started with two coats of white polish on each nail. Using a sponge, and premixing the colours of pastel mint, peachy orange and very light pastel pink, I've sponge a light coating onto each nail. Then I topped a coat of sparkling blue-ish shimmers for that added subtle effect. That's the base I've prepared for each nails. Proceeding to the second part, utilizing again the sponge and on some nails with masking tape and striping tape assistance, I added a mixture of pastel blue, pastel purple and pastel blue-purple on the four nails except the middle one (serves as an accent in this skittlette). Using my dotting tool, I dottd random white dots to mimic the dots on the shirt. The third part, using the brush to draw the triangle with the bright colours. Lastly, sealing all of the designs with a top coat.

Lacqueerisa: Spring Geometric Prints

This is surely one of my favourite designs! I sure wish I could keep my nails looking like this forever! :) So yeah, I hope you have enjoyed this post! :D

Polishes used for Base
polishes involve in prepping the base
From left to right: Holika Holika White Polish, Elianto Thistle, Skin Food PK205, Chi Chi I Own That, Skin Food Crystal Pearl Top Coat.

Polishes used in the Second sponging part
polishes involve the the second part
From left to right: Elianto S09, Color Combos CBL114, Color Combos CBL101.

polishes used for the triagles/geometrics
From left to right: Lioele 39, Tip Top Nail Chic In the Navy, Color Combos CBL132, The Face Shop BL602.
Tools used
the various tools used in this nail art
Tools used: Nail Art Brush, Dotting Tool, Makeup sponges, striping tape (and masking tape). 

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