Sunday, 5 May 2013

Excited for Malaysia!

This is it my fellow Malaysians! The One Day we are anticipating and excited about! GE13 is finally here! I'm so excited that I can't sleep! Vote wisely everyone! I shall leave you with this awesome song! 

Every vote counts. Your Vote speaks VOLUME! 

I am Proudly A Malaysian! 
Happy Voting!

sorry fellow international friends, I do not have the english translation. but I hope you will be able to enjoy the vid all the same :)


  1. I know shamefully little about Malaysian politics, but I know that a lot of my international friends were upset/worried about the result of this election. x.x I hope the outcome wasn't too bad.

  2. Not the outcome I was hoping for. But I guess changes happens in stages. No need to worry about that. Even I know only a little (now that's shameful on my part. lol) The best I could do is pray for the best to happen. And thank you for your concerns, it is much appreciated :)


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