Monday, 3 February 2014

Guest Post Feature:!

Hello once again to all the lovely ones reading this post! :) It was much regretted that I have totally missed out on last month's blog feature, but fret not! I'm very pleased to have dear Bethany, of to guest post here today! On her blog, she not only provides some of the best tips and reviews of budget beauty shopping but with a good dose of nail arts and nails related posts (just nice for my eye-candy feeding ◠‿◠ ). Without further ado, let's welcome Bethany!~ ^.^

Hello everyone! This is Bethany from, a blog which focuses on reviewing the best budget beauty products from around the globe. I also dabble in nail art, which is how I came across Lacqueerisa's fabulous blog. 

When Lacqueerisa asked me to guest post, I was so honoured that I become a little overwhelmed. After three weeks, I'm still overwhelmed. Lol. The pressure of posting on a blog with such lovely designs left me totally without inspiration. 

Much frustration (and several heatwaves that messed with my polishes) followed. Eventually, I ended up with a design that I kind of liked but I'm still not 100% happy with it, because it's a bit basic and clumsily executed. Hopefully you can tell that I was trying to depict some eerie barren trees with hearts strung up from the branches. Evidently my boyfriend didn't get that memo, as he called the design 'cute' o_O.

Guest Post Feature: Bethany, (Through The Trees)

For the base I used NYC Mushroom. The design itself was created using acrylic paints from BornPrettyStore.

So, that's it for my guest post. An anti-Valentine's Day inspired manicure. Lol.

Thank you so much, Lacqueerisa, for letting me guest post. Maybe you'll let me give it another go when I'm feeling more inspired? :P I hope so!

Well, there you have it! A lovely anti-Valentine's Day inspired manicure from dearest Bethany! :P Thank you so much, Bethany, for taking the time to guest post here. Though it didn't came out as eerie, I really like the arty concept of it! :) Besides, its been a pleasure to have you and I totally wouldn't mind having you here again! :D And I hope all of you here have also enjoyed this lovely post from Bethany, and if you are one who loves budget shopping, do not hesitate to pop over and give a follow ~.^


  1. I love the idea, Bethany is very creative!

  2. I love Bethany's nail art, always such creative themes! Also, LOL at the boyfriend calling it "cute".

  3. Thanks again for letting me guest post. ^_^ <3

  4. Such cute nails. I found this on how to get healthy nails

    im totally subscribing to this site

  5. I think it does look very good, especially with the red ruffian. :) And besides, an anti-VDay mani is very welcomed haha xD

  6. Yeap, I love it too! She really is! You should hop over (if you hadn't) and check out her Manicure Mondays! So worth it :D

  7. Hey Rebecca!! That makes the both of us! Can't agree with you more. I love the fun ideas and themes she has. ^^

  8. Oh Bethany!! Thank YOU for your wonderful post! It's really my honour to have you here :D Always love the ideas you have and looking forward to have you here again ^~^ ♥

  9. Yeap, I think so too! I like the red ruffians as well, something different :D Haha! I welcome them too XD


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