Thursday, 1 November 2012

They Kinda Look Like Tomato

'they kinda look like tomato', says my brother. - haha!

Hello dear readers! Today's nails were actually just inspired by colours. Although I had initially wanted to do something entirely different but it didn't turn out well. So, while I was removing the failed nail art to do a new one, I saw how pretty the red bleed into the green on the cotton pad and decided to achieve that look. 

Lacqueerisa: Kinda Like A Tomato

It's too bad I can't show you the picture of the (beautiful) cotton pad since I forgot to take it. The nails, didn't quite turn out as how I'd like it too but still alright. I was going to call this 'it started at the tip' but decided it's much more fun quoting my brother, as I do see the similarities it has with tomatoes ripening.

Lacqueerisa: Kinda Like A Tomato
Lacqueerisa: Kinda Like A Tomato
Lacqueerisa: Kinda Like A Tomato
Lacqueerisa: Kinda Like A Tomato

I've used the watercolour technique to get this effect, but I can't help wondering if sponging would have given me the results I wanted. Haha, still I love how this method created a little marble-like blend. 

What do you think about this nail art? Fail/Pass/Meh...? Haha, I hope you've enjoyed it nonetheless! :) 

Nail Polishes used :
  • Base colour - Lioele 24
  • Bleeding colour - Revlon Pretty In Papaya


  1. Nice technique :) The colors remind me of ketchup and mustard :)

    1. Thank you! Hahahah!! Now that you've mentioned it, I'm seeing the resemblance to mustard and ketchups too! Like someone messed around with ketchups ;D (sounds like the young me LOL!)


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