Sunday, 27 January 2013

Sketchy Valentine

Hello everyone! And to all of you who have yet to know, Kelsie of Kelsie's Nail Files is holding a a giveaway as well as a nail art contest to celebrate her 1 year blogiversary! Congratulations, Kelsie! 

For Kelsie's nail art contest, contestants are to create a manicure inspired by something on her Nail Inspiration Pinterest board and she had so many that are inspiring but I finally decide to be inspired by this picture : 

Kelsie's Nail Files Inspiration

In case you're wondering what is it about this picture that attracted me... well, everything! I love the vibrant colours of the hair, those gorgeous looking eyes - such a beautiful blue! Not to forget, that lovely vibrant lip colour! Eh, I love how all the colours contrast against the grey backdrop too! And I was inspired!

Lacqueerisa : Sketchy Valentine

Ta-da! This is how I've translated the inspiration onto my nails. Haha! Judging from how I've pictured them to appear in my head and how they turned out, I'd give them 90% accuracy. Which means, I'm happy with the outcome! :D Lol, there were some designs that on the process of doing it had to be discarded since I knew they wouldn't turn out good and would destroy the look instead. :P

Lacqueerisa : Sketchy Valentine

To capture the textures of the hairs, I've used a DIY Striper and stroke on the colours vertically. Haha! I love the effect they gave off! Reminds me of those magic markers I used to use. How nostalgic!

Lacqueerisa : Sketchy Valentine

The blue ruffian is inspired by the lovely blue eyes of the model in the picture. I really wanted to capture the contrast of the blue and the shaded edges of the iris so I've set out to achieve a gradient ruffian. 

Lacqueerisa : Sketchy Valentine

And here comes the slightly tricky part. I knew I wanted to incorporate the yummy lip colour into the design as well but I had a problem. It wasn't possible for me to draw lips. Since Valentine's Day is on its way, I figured doing a heart shape would be alright as a substitute. Hence the name, Sketchy Valentine!

Lacqueerisa : Sketchy Valentine
Lacqueerisa : Sketchy Valentine

All in all, this was a really fun design to create. I definitely enjoyed having these on my nails and it wouldn't have happen if not because of Kelsie's Nail Contest! Haha!! So to those of you who are nail art enthusiast, I urge you to join in the fun! ;) And I hope all of you are having a fab weekend!

Nail Polishes and tools used :

Nail Polishes and Tools Used
Nail Polishes and Tools Used
Nail Polishes and Tools Used


  1. How you bring in her hair color and her lips in the design is amazing. I would totally forget about it (the blue ruffian part is love!) xD
    This reminds me of a 60's Valentine's day actually. Because of the colors it has this hippie vibe :) Really cool, great job hon!
    Hope you have a fab weekend too ^^

    1. Thank you! Haha!! Glad you're loving the blue ruffian as much as I do! It's my favourite part of this manicure! Oh-ho, Hippie Vibe! Perhaps I should have named it Hippie Valentine! Has quite a nice ring to it ;D And thanks again! My weekend's been pretty awesome!


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