Thursday, 3 October 2013

Guest Post Feature: Lackaffen!

Happy Morning!! I am very happy to be able to feature my fellow friends of Lackaffen, whom you may recall, have given me the wonderful opportunity to guest post for them few weeks back. And nothing pleases me more than to have them here this morning! :) 

Dear readers of Lacqueerisa, 

We're so excited to present our very first guest post! Thank you so much Lacqueerisa for giving us this opportunity! ♥ 
We are five ladies from the German nail polish blog called, 'Lackaffen'. It's sort of a word play. 'Lackaffen' is actually an insult, meaning something like 'dumbass', haha. That's not what we consider ourselves of course! ;) 
If you translate it word by word it's (nail) polish (=Lack) and monkey (=Affe). We considered this a good name as we all love nail polish... and monkeys are cute and funny. 
So... enough talking now. Here are some designs we made for our guest entry today. Hope you enjoy!

And by the way: Sorry in advance for mistakes in our writing. English is not our native language, but we tried our best! 

Dear Ladies and of course Gentlemen,

My name is Black Calla (aka. Calla) and I am part of the 'Lackaffen' from the very first start (together with Tartelette and Sister). My polish addiction started around June 2011 when I bought my very first China Glaze. It was the beginning of a true love between polishes and me. I owned some No Name/Low Budget Polishes before, but actually I painted my nails about 2-times in a year. You see, not very addicted before. :D 
But things changed after the CG, I found more and more interesting Polishes, first it was more blue and violet Polishes, now you can find nearly every Shade in my Racks. 
Today I have two designs for you, first my froggie nails since I really love Comic-Frogs. Second is a 'Wiesn' - nail design. I really hope you like them. 

Guest Post: Black Calla of Lackaffen
Guest Post: Wiesn Nail Design, by Black Calla of Lackaffen

Hi there!

This is 'Sister' and I am writing and painting for 'Lackaffen' ever since we started. My polish collection mostly consists of muddy, dirty and taupe-like colours, some purple and dark blue ones and especially any variation of black. As about 90% of my clothes are black, too, I do not really consider this colour as a favourite, it is more of an essential to me. ;)
For this special entry (Thank you, Lacqueerisa!) I chose 'Ruffian Nails'. I love how many different textures and finishes can be combined in this type of manicure and always give new, interesting results. Here you can see 'Little Princess' by P2 and Orly's 'Iron Butterfly'.

Guest Post: Ruffian Nails, by Sister of Lackaffen
Guest Post: Sister of Lackaffen

Hello fellow nail polish addicts!

I'm tartelette, I have been a 'Lackaffe' for our blog from the very beginning. I become addicted to nail polish and nail art in 2011 when I stumbled over some cute cupcake nails on the internet. I wanted to be able to do that as well and so I needed more and more colours and practice, practice, practice of course. I don't count my collection anymore... ;)
My most used items when it comes to nail art are the dotting tool and my nail art fan brush. 
I'll show you 2 different designs where I used the dotting tool excessively. Sort of tried to do a dotted gradient design in the first one. Hope you'll like it!

Guest Post: Dotted Gradient, by tartelette of Lackaffen
Guest Post: Tartelette of Lackaffen

Hey guys! My name is kalimo and I have been a member of the 'Lackaffen' since January 2012! I love nail polish (guess what? :D) and my favourite nail colour is green. I just adore green in every shade. So I prepared a green Nail Design for our Guest Post, so you can see my true love ♥
For this green Manicure I used a Jelly Polish from Catrice, called Hugo Moss. I'm not a big fan of Jellies but when I saw this shade I immediately thought of combining it with Enchanted Forest by NYX.
I used one coat of Enchanted Forest over two coats of Hugo Moss. And I absolutely love the combo! I hope you like it too :)

Guest Post: Kalimo of Lackaffen
outside, sunlight

Guest Post: Kalimo of Lackaffen

Hi, my name is Fanessi and I am a nailpolish addict :) Well, yes, my addiction has only started about a year ago and since then my nailpolish stock has exploded. I am the newest Lackaffen-member and I'm with the girls since a couple of months and I am happy to be part of our blog. I love painting my nails and I even more love to share it with others.
My typical go-tos when it comes to nailart are 'Gradient' and 'Stamping'. For me, those are the easiest ways to get a great effect. And for those who cannot tell from my pictures, my favourite nailcolour is pink :)

Guest Post: Fanessi of Lackaffen
OPI (Embarca Dare-Ya) and Essie (Fiji)

Guest Post: Fanessi of Lackaffen
China Glaze (Red-y Willing) and China Glaze (Don't Make Me Wine)

We hope you liked our guest blog entry. Maybe you'd like to visit us on our blog as well. Even though we write in German "over there". The google chrome translation tool might be helpful then. ;)

See ya, 

Hahahaha! I don't know about you, but I think these awesome ladies totally kick-start the first ever guest post on my blog! Let's give them a round of applause! It wasn't easy for them to prepare this post, as I have specially requested for english version. Look at all the amazing pictures and the efforts they have put together to make this post! I am beyond words of amazement! I love them all! ♥ Thank you, Lackaffe(s) for the splendid guest post! I really enjoy reading this and I just can't thank you girls enough for all the hardwork you've put into making this post happen! 

So dear readers! If you have enjoyed this amazing guest post by Ladies of Lackaffen, be sure to head over to their blog and follow them for more of their goodness!

(side note: I often use google translate to read their contents! :D)


  1. Some lovely designs there. ^_^ Very interesting guest post.

  2. Gillian from PlumeriaPainted4 October 2013 at 00:16

    This was absolutely lovely!! I love that we got all 5 authors of the blog here and the english was fantastic. My favourites of all the great designs were the frogs, that flower burst thing (:/0, dat glitter and the hearts!! :)

  3. yaay I've been following them already and you're so right, they did great! I love their blog as well ^^

  4. Lacqueerisa: Thank YOU again for this opportunity! <3

  5. Thank you! :* We're glad that you like our post :)

  6. aww, thanks a lot! <3

  7. thank you very much :)

  8. Lovely guest posts! Especially the one with the frogs, they're very cute :)

  9. Ah, it's totally my pleasure! Thank you, and all from Lackaffen for this splendid guest post! ;♥

  10. Yeap! I'm so proud to have them here! :D


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