Saturday, 28 July 2012

I Heart Chocolate Mint.

Good morning ladies!

Today I'll be sharing with you this:

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Haha! I wish I had baking skills. I'd gladly pamper myself with chocolate mint anytime! Unfortunately, I can only drool over the image while hoping that someone will be kind enough to bake it for me (or purchase it for me, hehe). 

I'd still be sharing a Chocolate Mint sort of recipe, except, its not the usual one; A Chocolate Mint Inspired Manicure. 

NOTD - Chocolate Mint
NOTD - Chocolate Mint
NOTD - Chocolate Mint
NOTD - Chocolate Mint
NOTD - Chocolate Mint
So ladies, what do you think? Looks delicious? Are you drooling yet? Would like to have some of these chocolate mint goodness on your nails too? I've prepared a really simple recipe that all you lovelies may follow and spread the love of chocolate mint ♥ !

The Recipe :

Chocolate Mint Manicure Tutorial

How to:

Step 1 : Prepare 3 coats of your favourite mint nail polish colour on each of your nails. Allow polish to dry fully or you might mess up. (3 coats so that you have a thick base colour.)
Step 2 : Focusing on 1 nail at a time, use a brown nail polish (or any chocolate-ty colours you have) and apply 1 fairly thick coat on top of the mint colour.
Step 3/4/5 : While the brown polish is still wet, use a toothpick (the pointy side) and draw random horizontal lines across the nail plate. Adjust pressure in order to create variation of thick and thin lines. Be careful not to put too much pressure or you might scrap off the bottom colour.
Step 6 : Repeat step 2 - step 5 to the rest of the nails individually.
Step 7 : Allow time for nails to dry.

*tips : I prefer my nails to maintain the raw look of the textures because I think that they look more like Chocolate Mint cream/ice-cream that way. Which is why I have not used top coat in any of these images shown. In my opinion, applying the top coat kills the look of Chocolate Mint manicure. Should you still prefer to put on a top coat, perhaps applying them horizontally across the nails would help maintaining a certain amount of the Chocolate texture over the Mint.

That is all for today! Have a very Chocolaty Minty Saturday!

Nail Polishes and Tools used :
1. Skin Food Nail Vita BR609
2. The Face Shop GR501
3. Toothpick


  1. fantastic job and that cake looks sooooo yummy x

    1. thank you! yes, it does! I found it on pinterest! Had me craving for mint chocolate whole day! So I had to interpret one on my nails to satisfy part of the cravings! Glad you like them ♥

  2. This is just pretty! (and the cake looks delicious too!)


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