Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Swatch/Review: Nails Top Shop (NCOTD)

Today I planned to do a review/swatch of two polishes from Nails Top Shop. However, because they are heavy with pictures I've decided to split them up into two posts. 

In this post, I'll be swatching and reviewing this very lovely Mermaid nail polish by Top Shop.

Nails Top Shop Mermaid

Nails Top Shop Mermaid

Nails Top Shop Mermaid - 1 Coat
This is just 1 coat. I was quite surprised it turned out to be pretty sheer. Hmm, I think it looks pretty good as well although just in 1 coat.

Nails Top Shop Mermaid - 2 Coats
This is 2 coats. You can see that its really starting to transform into the "mermaid" colour. Ahh, but I really wanted the rich colour I see in the bottle so I went for another coat.

Nails Top Shop Mermaid - 3 Coats
Opaque on the third coat. Although not as dark as the colours seen in the bottle, its satisfactory for me. I love it at three coats. This Nails Mermaid by Top Shop has some really pretty colours blended together. It has this silver shimmers, light blue shimmers and slight purple tint to it. And the best part is the little small gold flecks that are present in this colour that makes it special.

Nails Top Shop Mermaid
Here's an angle to show you guys the colour shift. You can see how the colour changes that gradually changes from silver to light blue to purplish-grey hues. And spot those little gold flecks shining like little jewels under the big blue sea.

Nails Top Shop Mermaid Matte

Nails Top Shop Mermaid Matte

Nails Top Shop Mermaid Matte

Out of curiosity, I've decided to matte-iffy these lovelies. And they WOW-ed me completely! Look at the complete transformation from a mysterious silver blue colour to a light and extremely enchanting fairy tale finish! This nail polish is no doubt one of my favourites! I can't decide which I like best. Gloss or matte? I like both the same. What do you guys think?

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