Tuesday, 31 July 2012

NOTD - The Odd and Awkward

This post was suppose to be just a simple swatch and review post of Nails - Country Bumpkin by Top Shop.

NOTD - The Odd and Awkward

Here's what happened. I was swatching Country Bumpkin because I thought I've been using it pretty often but have yet to provide a swatch on it.

Country Bumpkin :

Nails TopShop Country Bumpkin
Nails TopShop Country Bumpkin
1 Coat
Nails TopShop Country Bumpkin
2 Coats

A few words about the polish first, I do adore the nail polishes by TOPSHOP. The brush although pretty small its flat and has a wide coverage. All those combining with the awesomely smooth nail polish formula provides such a wonderful experience in applying the polish. They are about 9ml per bottle. Its rather pricey (MYR 29.00 ?) but hey, I think its worth it.

So what happened? If you noticed in the above picture, I kinda messed up the application a little bit, and I thought I should redo it. But, I've swatched this before the Mermaid and I didn't want to take it off. Then I thought I'd just do it on my right hand. But, on my right hand's ring finger, lays a painstakingly freehand rose which was done in an attempt to create another "Grey and Mustard" nails theme (which only the rose succeeded). I couldn't bring myself to wash it away....

Nails TopShop Country Bumpkin
So, I painted on Country Bumpkin alongside with the rose. This is a better version of two coats of Country Bumpkin. And after much debate, I decided to turn it into a NOTD instead of leaving the flower wasted because I couldn't come up with a combination to match the rose. So, why not clash it good? That's when I added strips with my trusty dotting tools.

NOTD - The Odd and Awkward
There you go! The Odd and Awkward. Do note though, the irregular strips are intentional. Because the odd one is the Yellow Rose and the awkward ones are the awkwardly arranged together strips and colour combos. (hahaha!!)

NOTD : The Odd and Awkward

Well, I don't know about you, but I'm really liking this NOTD. Something to humour me throughout the day~!

Nail Polishes and tools :

  • The Face Shop YL701
  • The Face Shop WH002
  • Nails TOPSHOP Country Bumpkin
  • Skin Food Nail Vita GR901
  • Rimmel French Ivory
  • Small and Medium Dotting Tools

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