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Nail Art Contest + Nail Tutorial (Textured Nails)

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So, here to share with you this look which I've called Textured Nails (sorry lack of inspiration on creative naming hehehe!) I was inspired by this picture I saw some time ago in Etsy:
The Inspiration :

Pretty right? I was so inspired and in awe when I saw that! And guess what? The Polish Well has organized this great giveaway which also allows their followers to participate in a nail art fashion themed competition! Wow, talk about right timing!! Hence, I am absolutely grabbing this chance to carry out my inspiration.

The Results: Textured Nails
Textured Nails - Blue, White and Gold
Textured Nails - Blue, White and Gold
Textured Nails - Blue, White and Gold
Textured Nails - Blue, White and Gold

There you go! My inspired nail art! Do you like it? I am very glad of the outcome. Its almost like how Ii've picture it in my mind! One of the reason I made it textured is because I wanted to translate the beautiful leather texture that the collar have. And these nails are so simple to do too!! Here's the tutorial I made to share with all of you:
Tutorial - Textured Nails

Its so simple and no need to worry too much about "messing up". I'm left handed as you can see I made the tutorial with my right hand, that's how easy it is! And the tools are things that are very available at home. Kitchen towel and cotton buds! 

Step1 : Apply two coats of white nail polish. (allow it to dry completely between each coats)
Step2 : Prepare the cotton bud by dabbing and rolling into a clear polish (to prevent it from fraying too much later on)
Step3-5 : Apply one coat of grey polish, before the polish dries quickly roll the cotton buds in to take away some of the grey polish while creating great textures on your nails. Do one nail at a time. 
Step6 : Drop a few drops of blue polish (or any other colour as desired) onto your prepared paper. Take the kitchen towel fold them so you get a nice corner to work with. 
Step7 : Dab the blue polish and lightly press the colour onto your nails in any direction you desire. (I did mine diagonally). To create small "dots/splash" effect, use the pointy part of the kitchen towel and very lightly dab the areas you want to have the small dots and splash effect.
Step8 : Repeat Step7 to all the other nails. Allow to dry.
Step9 : Drop a few drops of gold nail polish.
Step10: Okay, following the method from Step 7 to Step 8, picture how you want the gold to appear on your nails and dab the gold polish overlapping the blue and white. At areas where you want more gold, dab more gold polishes onto it. Lightly dab the golds on areas you want smaller spots.
Step11: Clean up and apply top coat. Done!

What I love about this method that I've used is that I can get the splash effect the way I want it to appear on my nails. Feel free to experiment this technique with other colours of your own desire! (I think substituting the blue to black would be a great combination too!) Hope you will come to enjoy this technique as much as I do! 

disclaimer: I do not own the picture of the beautiful dipped collar. The link to the owner is below the respective picture. 

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    1. Thanks for the compliment! Meant so much to me! yeap followed yours too!! =D

  2. I love your entry for the contest! Check out mine here:


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