Monday, 23 July 2012

Vintage Lace Nail Art Tutorial


For today's post, I'd be showing a simple tutorial of the vintage lace nail art I did on Saturday. Its based on a tutorial by Nailside.

Vintage Lace Nail Art Tutorial
click image for larger view

Step by step:
1. Prepare two coats of desired base colour (here, I've used two coats of muted yellow). Next, I used my green nail polish's brush and strip it gently creating the broad but narrow line. 
2. Repeat the striping technique next to the first and start off a little lower.
3. Strip again using the nail polish's brush starting a little lower than the second strip.
4. Using a the smallest dotting tool you have (or toothpick), dot three dots using the base's colour in an arc shape as pictured.
5. Using a medium size dotting tool (or blunt pencil), dot a slightly bigger dot of the base's colour just below the arc. This would create the illusion of holes.
6. Repeat step 4-5 to the other two columns.
7. Repeat step 1-6 with a red colour, changing the dots' colour to the previously used green.
8. Repeat step 1-6 with a teal colour, changing the dots' colour to the previously used red.
9. Allow drying time and because there are quite some layers, clean up and top it off with a fast drying top coat.

Tips: Do allow drying time in between layers (dipped nails into a bowl of icy cold water to speed up drying time).

Its going to take sometime before you get the hang of this. Feel free to experiment with different colour combinations. :D


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