Monday, 2 July 2012

Review: Twinkiling Pink by BANDI

Hello again.

Came across this brand name BANDI in an outlet called Max Beauty in Setia City Mall few days ago. The have a very wide selection of nail polishes. Price range from RM29 to RM39. So I scanned around to see which bottle is worth getting at that moment and my eyes landed on this gorgeous bottle of Glitter Flakes.

Bandi Twinkiling Pink Nail Polish Review
Bandi Twinkiling Pink MYR 39.00

Beautiful isn't it? This is called Twinkiling Pink. They have other flake glitter polishes too but this was the one that caught my eye. And their polishes are free of the Big-3. Which is good. Less harmful chemicals. =) The application experience is great as well. And this baby dries fast. The only downside to this polish is that it has a very heavy chemical smell.

I know how many out there layered it over dark colours in order to allow viewers to truly see the gorgeous beauty that flake glitters has. But I kinda liked it over one of my favourite nail polish colour.

Flakes Glitter On Turquoise Polish
Flakes Glitter On Turquoise Polish
Flakes Glitter On Turquoise Polish
Flakes Glitter On Turquoise Polish

Hope I've manage to capture some of its beauty with my lay-man camera. Hee hee. These are all under artificial lighting.

Flakes Glitter On Turquoise Polish

Absolutely love them. I'd be back to that shop to get more colours in the future. Here's another angle to show off more of the Twinkiling Pink gorgeous goodness!

Flakes Glitter On Turquoise Polish
Bandi Twinkiling Pink over Elianto Turquoise

Simply adore this Glitter Flake. Its likely I will be using it as often as I can in the near future. Can't get enough of this Glitter goodness!

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