Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Sandwich, please?

A few days ago I found a very pretty lime green, its not too neon for my skin colour. Just right, I suppose. Its a nail polish by Bloop. Unfortunately, I do not know what the colour code is or the real name of the colour. It's not stated anywhere on the bottle. So, if any of you know what the name of this colour is, do feel free to drop me a comment below about the name. For the time being, I'd just refer to this colour as lime green.

Bloop Nail Polish
MYR 8.90

Bloop Nail Polish
Bloop Nail Polish
Bloop Nail Polish
The brush is big and round. Application wise, smooth, no streaks, and super-duper glossy! However, it do require the usage of icy cold water dipping to prevent the bubbles. Drying time, normal. 

When I did the first coat, the first thing that came into my mind was "wow, this is going to be great for those sandwich nail art that I've been seeing around on the world wide web".

And that was exactly what I did for today's NOTD; A Green Lime Jelly Sandwich.

NOTD-Green Lime Jelly Sandwich
NOTD-Green Lime Jelly Sandwich
NOTD-Green Lime Jelly Sandwich

Base Coat
Bloop Nail Polish
Sheng Ji #58 (review here)
Bowl of Icy Cold Water (optional)
Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri Anti Chip Top Coat (or your favourite top coat)

1. Prepare nails with base coat. Let dry. (lol)
2. Start off with a good thin coat of Bloop Nail Polish. Let Dry.
3. Apply a coat of Sheng Ji #58 on every nails and allow drying time.
4. Apply another coat of Bloop Nail Polish onto the glitters. Allow polish to dry. 
(If result is satisfactory, you may stop here. If not, feel free to repeat step 3 and 4). 
5. Season your sandwich with a good layer of Sally Hansen's Top Coat. And you are done!

*Optonal: Dipped your hands into a bowl of icy cold water in between layers to speed up drying time and prevent bubblings. 

So, how do you like the sandwich? I had fun executing it though, and looking forward to make more to see the different results it could bring. :D 

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