Tuesday, 21 August 2012

August Hauls

So, I went shopping yesterday. I must say, of all the shopping malls I've been to, Sunway Pyramid sure is my no.1 spot to go if I want to buy nail polishes (around Klang Valley). I've even spotted a couple of new nail polish brands available. Although, mostly are Korean brands; Holika Holika is one of the new beauty stores there - but no, I didn't grab any from there. I did try out their testers though, and find the application quite alright. I'm gonna apply the 3 days rule before I decide whether or not I'd buy one of the duochrome nail polishes there. Still its all good to see more choices available for nail polish consumers in Malaysia.

Okay, now to stay back in topic, I realised I've bought a lot of nail polishes for the past weeks of August! Which somewhat scares me, because I've never bought so many in a short time before! (haha!!) So looks like I'd be needing to control myself a little more from now on.

Hauls from Etude House
Etude House

Hauls from Pretty2U store
Pretty2U Store

Hauls from Essence

Hauls from Bloop

Hauls from Skin Food
Skin Food

As you can see, some of them I've already used them in the previous nail challenges. But I've not swatch them. Only time will tell when I'd find the time to swatch all of these. Haha! Oh, I will be swatching a new polish from Etude House in my next post because I love it so much I just can't wait to share~! 


  1. Ooooh very nice haul! I'd really like to try out these Korean brands, but they're not too accessible in Canada (or they're expensive). If it lessens your fear any, I too have bought probably about 20 polishes in the past month! xD

    1. hahaha! I blame sales! Etude House is having sales and the old collection have great bargains. Pity, most colours aren't to my fancy (or not yet). Korean brands are a little tricky. So far, Etude House and Skin Food brands are okay. Holika Holika seems promising though. The Face Shop kinda a hit and miss thingy, I guess? I don't fancy The Face Shop though. In my opinion, their polishes are pretty bad. I can hardly ever get even finish on my nails. =/


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