Saturday, 25 August 2012

Oh Basketballs!

Hello dearies! I've just came back from celebrating my brother's birthday. And so I thought I should do basketball themed nails (since both of us likes basketball :D - although I have no talent in it) in conjunction to celebrating this wonderful day. Also, a chance to try out the black stripper I just bought recently!

NOTD - Basketball Nails

NOTD - Basketball Nails
NOTD - Basketball Nails
NOTD - Basketball Nails
NOTD - Basketball Nails

Yeap, a very simple nail art. Didn't plan much, went straight ahead for this NOTD. For this nail look, I've sponge on nudish brown gradients and using my black striper nail polish (Chen Xi black striping brush) to draw simple lines that represented the prominent line pattern on basketballs. As you can see I messed up the 'A' in the NBA words. That's because the black polish gets tacky pretty fast. So you can't actually perform details while using this stripper. I had to do my nails one at a time since it gets tacky fast upon exposure to air. It needed to sit in the close bottle a little while before being able to use it again for smoother and less tacky application. Chen Xi black stripping nail brush polish contains no Toluene or Formaidchyde. I suppose its alright for simple line designs. Not suitable for complicated ones. MYR 5.00 a bottle. 

Anyway, hmm.. not a very poppy nail art, pretty much subtle and simple. Oh, quick to do as well! :)

Nail polishes used :

  • Sally Hansen - Chocolate Nut
  • Bandi - Crystal Brown
  • Skin Food Nail Vita - BR609
  • Chen Xi - Black Stripping Nail Brush
  • Konad - Top coat and base coat.


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