Friday, 17 August 2012

NOTD - Jeans of Vintage Florals

Oh, I just remembered its Friday!

Well, honestly I never thought I'd be doing NOTD after the previous galaxy nails. But after I posted that post, I got a little busy and didn't have time to actually do it on my left hand as previously mentioned. In a way, that is good because shortly after that I've got a spark of inspiration by one of my favourite hat that I have which was lying on the bed. Its a jeans sort of material with a cotton cloth that have these gorgeously distressed vintage florals prints sewed on the inside.

NOTD - Jeans of Vintage Florals
NOTD - Jeans of Vintage Florals
NOTD - Jeans of Vintage Florals
NOTD - Jeans of Vintage Florals
NOTD - Jeans of Vintage Florals
NOTD - Jeans of Vintage Florals

So what do you think of these? They sure took some time. And look! My topcoat's been polluted with glitters from the pearly topcoats I used in the Galaxy Nails (haha!). So yes, unintended glitters there. But still all good, since it matches the holographic black polish that I have used in order to mimic the black jeans colour. I do love how these turned out, although given the chance, I'll do the lines thinner, if my skills may allow me so. Not to forget the topcoat application flattens out thus adding thickness to the lines. 

NOTD - Jeans of Vintage Florals

Here's a closed up look so that you can see the beautiful subtle holographic in the black polish and its very opaque, in the above pictures are all just 1 coat. Its one of my firsts holographic nail polishes. This and a purple. Actually, they are the only holographic nail polish I've ever owned. I really should expand holographic collections. hahaha! (I can't believe this is the first time I've used it after all the years sitting in my storage.....the drying time is very slow. I'd suggest dipping with icy cold water to speed up drying time)

Nail polishes and Tools used to accomplish this look :

  • Toothpick that has a sharp end
  • RUBI - Blue suede shoes
  • The Face Shop - GR501
  • The Face Shop - YL701
  • Skin Food Nail Vita - BW704
  • Revlon - Pretty In Papaya
  • Inglot - 730 (solid black nail polish)
  • L'elan Vital - Black Holographic Nail Lacquer (there isn't a name, and I believe this collection have been discontinued)
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Chocolate Nut (used this for outlining the florals)
  • BANDI - Crystal Brown (its a very sheer polish, so I've used it to sponge a little on the florals for a distressed look) 
A little challenging to attempt, but the patience pays off well. So, looks like my duo hand galaxy nails mani will have to wait for some other time while I enjoy wearing this manicure for the weekend. ;P

* a few words about L'elan Vital: its a nail polish brand that's only available from Cosway (as far as I know, I've not seen this brand sold anywhere else). The one that I've used for the above manicure, is a really old collection. I've got it around late 2004 or early 2005 but I vividly recall wearing the purple one for CNY in 2005... anyway, you get the idea; a really, really, old polish... hahaha. 


  1. Omg this is so gorgeous! Did you use a nail art brush for the floral print, or was it all toothpick??

    1. Thank you! Yeap, done with toothpick. I find the sharp end of the toothpick some detailing. :)

  2. That looks so cute! I love it! <3


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