Tuesday 7 August 2012

Makeup Savvy Nail Challenge Day 7 - Neon

So today's Neon nails. I confess, I'm not quite a fan of neon because they look pretty bad against my skin tone. How I envy those who can pull of any colours. Anyway, I do own a few which are considerably bright colours. After searching through my stash I gathered the selected few and begin brainstorming for designs that could work. I finally settled with this : 

NOTD - Striking Neons
NOTD - Striking Neons
NOTD - Striking Neons
NOTD - Striking Neons

So, what do you think? They aren't the usual bright neon, but are what I'd call dark neon. I'm quite satisfied with the results. I hope you'd like them as well. 

Nail Polishes Used :
  • rubi - Blue Suede Shoes
  • Etude House - COR202
  • Etude House - GR605
  • Revlon - Pretty in Papaya


  1. I love your colour choices!! I am not a fan of bright neons either and this is such a lovely combination. How did you do the effect? It is so eye catching and unique, can't wait to see what you do for tomorrows theme :) xx

    1. Hi! Thanks for the compliments! Glad you like them :D Its similar to the effect I did in my 'Chocolate Mint NOTD Tutorial' except, in a single motion. I might do a tutorial on this and get it up sometime later. You can locate the 'Chocolate Mint NOTD Tutorial' under the labels section. :) cheers!

  2. love the red and blue nail's x


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