Tuesday, 28 August 2012

More Fun Stuffs about Glitters

Good morning! I have here some knowledge about glitters which I think are very worth sharing. Have you ever had times when you wonder if it is your application technique or the glitter bottle just holds too little glitters? Well, I know I did wondered that. And off I go to google - tap tap tip tap tap pap! what is the best way to apply glitter?

Oh what a realization moment dawn upon me when I saw the dabbing technique. No wonder it was so hard getting those glitters on my nails those days. I was probably doing it wrong! Perhaps not wrong, just not the best way it could be done. Here's one tutorial I find very useful regarding the dabbing technique:

wait, did any of you actually know of this method and no one told me? whyyyy?? *sobs*

Well, this method to some of you could be common sense. To those of you who experience the same as me, thou shalt also participate in the moment of realization that I did when I saw this demonstration. Hahaha!(okay sorry, cold joke)

Anyway, so I applied the dabbing method to one of my previously did combination to show the contrast between using the dabbing method and the brushing on method.

Dabbing vs Brushed On
you may see more view of the brushed on method here 

Yeap, so can you see the difference? If its not clear enough below here's a different angle of the one done with dabbing method so you can see just how much more glitters are there in just 1 application.

Dabbed Method - Glitters

And this is not all that I have to share today. Other than the dabbed method, there's also the DIY peel off base coat for glitters! No more foil methods for me! No more fussy removal of Glitters! I won't speak more of this method though. You can read all about them from the posts posted by Lab Muffin and Pretty Purple Polish. Both of them did a great job in helping readers/polish enthusiast in finding out alternatives to glitter polish removals! Huge thanks to the both of you!

I've did a little test on this post too but I didn't have it on for a long time (lack of patience) I've leave on for about 6 hours I guess which includes hands washing and a shower together with hair wash. lol. Before my hands itch to peel them off.

PVA base - peel off glitter

Yeap tiny-weeny bits left there, nothing to worry about though. Wash off the excess remaining PVA glue with water and some soap if that doesn't help I don't see how a little remover won't do the trick. :) But hurray! Easiest glitter removal I've ever had!

Items used :
PVA glue for base (medium thick)
Bandi Mineral Green (2 coats)
Sheng Ji #50 (1 application)
Konad Top Coat (1 coat)


  1. The removal tip is really fab, I always need 2 fully soaked pads to remove glitter off one nail lol. Gonna try the method soon!
    Also love the dabbing technique but I'm just curious... will the polish end up too thick/take long to dry?

    1. Well, I'd usually slide off completely at one side and only use the other side for dabbing. It works fine for me. Not too long but using a fast drying top coat sure helps.

  2. Cool ! I had no clue of this method and it will help me in the future.. Thanks so much for posting!

    1. Glad to have helped. :D I thought it might be useful. Credits to both Pretty Purple Polish and Lab Muffin for the PVA glue base though! :D

  3. Oooh...thank you for this post!! It was always a disaster for my nails to remove glitter polish from them. I always wondered how all this swatches about (for example) 5 glitter polishes were maid while I couldn't remove just 1 during an hour or more!? And that is the answer!)) I'll surely try it because I really love glitters!!! Thank you again for your test and references.

    1. You're very much welcome! Good information are always meant to be shared! ♥


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